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May 17, 2013 04:31 PM

Starting new Soft Shell Crab & Lobster post May 2013....

Greetings -
Noticed that Mr. Roche and his Bros. have soft shells @ 2.99 each...

Blasphemous perhaps as some may prefer soft shells that haven't been frozen before, but we've found these to actually be pretty good in years past.

Cooked properly, they're really quite a springtime treat.
Glad to see them in the market around Boston.
Think we'll pick some up in the next few days!

Also saw that Lobsters are $5.99 lb at Market Basket.
Most likely still hard shells this time of year?

Bounty of the seas!


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  1. you will have to pay more, but live soft shells are available now.
    I ordered my first of the season; i plan on having them with champagne or chablis.

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    1. re: cambridgedoctpr

      If you don't want to cook, Tavolo's soft shell app is said to be excellent (I've been lured by other menu choices)

    2. They had soft shells on the list at New Deal yesterday. I didn't ask the price since I had not seen this post yet.

      I seldom buy swordfish but they had the most beautiful steaks in the case. I couldn't resist. I know that many of you know just how fresh the fish is at New Deal but this compared favorably to sword I've had right off the boat. Fabulous dinner here last night.

      And, there was a soft shell sandwich on the menu at Captain Marden's Cod Squad Truck on Thursday. A very good cook in our group had it and raved about it. It was on the special's board.


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      1. re: BostonZest

        I enjoyed some shockingly fresh swordfish (caught in New Zealand, no less) from New Deal a few weeks ago.

      2. Wednesday night special at Eastern Standard.

        1. I've always gotten live at Roche Bros.