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May 17, 2013 03:06 PM

Soft Shell Crabs Suggestions

I picked up some live soft shells today. Fried them up... and they were delicious! Got to thinking, I never recalled this subject being talked about before. Other than frying them up with a breading/coating.... How to do you like to prepare them? I've seen them on restaurant menus, grilled, but have never tried it myself. Any ideas or recipes to change things up a little?

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  1. I don't have anything myself, but David Tanis does have a "fresh approach" in the New York Times next week:

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      His description of the dish makes me want to run out and get a few more soft shells!!!

    2. Sauteed in butter, parsley and lemon. Grilled and basted with lime and tyme.

        1. Francais/Francese style.....dipped in egg with a lemon//wine/ butter sauce. The addition of finely sliced scallions and concasse tomatoes elevates it to another level.

          1. Sauté in butter and garlic and THEN flambee in Pernod or Sambucco.