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May 17, 2013 01:30 PM

VOILA French resto PP Beach

Just saw this place a few days ago. Does anyone have any info on it? I think it is in the old Remmingtons spot on Arnold Ave.

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  1. You bet - they are one of our favorites. Delicious food, nice ambience and you are treated like one of the family. We even went here New Years Eve this year with another couple and had a great time. It's a BYOB.

    Go here to read a few reviews, and disregard the one poor review written by a single review expert with an axe to grind.

    1. We had dinner here last night and the short of it is that we loved it.
      It is a quaint little place with a small, quiet crowd of mostly older couples last night. We thought it reminded us of the late Le Fandy. In menu as well the resemblences continued as there were not a lot of options but enough and all were thoroughly French.
      We had a Coquille(sp?) special appy and an order of goat cheese ravioli to start and both were very good. We had to get more of the toasty French bread to soak up the wonderful sauces.
      For mains we shared the Boulabaise(sp? I should learn how to spell food ;o) and the filet mignon with wine sauce and mushrooms and diced roasted potato. Both were not cheap at $29 each but I would gladly pay even more as the food was excellent.
      We shared a dessert. Advertised as molten chocolate cake, it was more a warm small chocolate cake with ice cream and raspberry sauce - lack of molten-ness, but it was very good as well.
      On odd thing is that they started running out of things very early - filet, coquille, and something else were gone by 7:00. Oh well, there was plenty else to eat for the latecomers, but odd nonetheless.
      We are already planning a return visit.