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May 17, 2013 12:53 PM

Jean Talon market area?

Looking for recomendations for lunch in the area of the market. Italian is a preference, but not required

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    1. re: lagatta

      thanks for the info. I may have not been clear. I was looking more for a restaurant recommendation

      1. re: reed malkin

        I know; it is just that it is important to keep these threads kind of ordered for reference. There are several years of them archived here. Our old Little Italy (Petite-Italie, Piccola Italia also search terms) is very small; anywhere here is a short walk from the market.

        When are you coming? Very soon, a local culinary star, Stefano Faita (son of the propietors of our famous Quincaillerie/Ferramenta Dante, which is now more a cookware shop than a hardware store) will be opening a restaurant, Impasto.

        My favourite place extremely close to the Market isn't Italian, but Syrian (very similar to other Levantine cuisines), Le Petit Alep, just north of the market, on the other side of Jean-Talon. You can have just a sandwich, salad or starter, or a full meal, and it is friendly to meat-eaters and vegetarians.

        1. re: lagatta

          will be there in july thanks for the help

          1. re: reed malkin

            Impasto should be open by then. Check in here at the Qu├ębec board for updates!

            You are very welcome. Are you staying around here? In July, picnics are a great option. There are at least three nearby parks where you can enjoy the foods you have picked up at the market and nearby: Parc Dante, Parc de la Petite-Italie and Jarry Park, a short walk north. It is licit here to drink wine or beer, if you wish, with meals in parks; to avoid any problems, I've suggested ones where there are picnic tables, which is the actual rule (as well as food or evidence of ingested food).

    2. Is vinizza still open? (North west corner of the market)