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May 17, 2013 12:37 PM


My husband and I will be going to Charleston the first weekend in October. We will only be there for a few days, and only have time for one dinner. We will be there for 3 lunches and 4 breakfasts. We could also do a brunch or two. I was wondering the best dinner option. I am thinking fig or husk, but I am totally open to other options. What are the best lunch/brunch/breakfast places to go? Thanks in advance.

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  1. hi, if you can let us know more detail, we'll be able to help you a it more. what type of cuisine, atmosphere, price limitations?

    for breakfast, you'll definitely want hominy grill.

    for dinner, i would do fig over husk for sure. husk is a good lunch or brunch option.

    but let us know what you like or what you dont have where you live and we can get more specific

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      I like everything from fancy white table cloth to hole in the wall local joint. I love all kinds of food. My husband is more of a steak and potato kind of guy no seafood at all for him. I just like to try things that are unique to each city. I love places with small plates so I can try lots of things. We are going for my 30th birthday so a festive upbeat place would be fun, but not somewhere thats all college kids.

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        Have you read through the dozens of existing threads on Charleston? Most of the "unique" Charleston dishes involve seafood, but I'm sure you can both be satisfied at any of the well known places like Fig, Cru, Husk, SNOB, Jestines, Hominy Grill, etc.

    2. i would personally go to FIG and share appetizers and 1 entree. another good option for sharing is The Grocery.

      1. For dinner, I agree FIG over Husk. Stars is excellent as well and has a lovely rooftop bar overlooking King St.

        Breakfasts/Brunch: Hominy Grill, Dixie Supply, Palmetto Cafe in Charleston Place, High Cotton, Leaf, and Three Little Birds in West Ashley.

        Be sure and make reservations everywhere. Have fun!

        1. Hi there - I will also be in Charleston this fall - November - and want to have at least one very memorable meal. My husband and I will be traveling with our son who will be 13 months. He loves to eat too but I don't want to take him anywhere that would not welcome an infant.

          Do you have suggestions on kid-friendly excellent restaurants walking distance from the historic Mills House Hotel?

          Do you think we could take him to FIG for dinner right at 5:30? Do you know if they welcome kids, assuming he is well-behaved and any crying results in one of us taking him out of the restaurant immediately!?

          Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We will also be staying on Isle of Palms for 3 nights before we are in Charleston. Any favorites there?