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May 17, 2013 11:34 AM

Walking to Willie Mae's?

We'll be going to NOLa in December and have never made it to Willie Mae's Scotch House. We usually walk all over NOLa and it looks like about a mile and a half walk there from the French Quarter, with side-walked streets going under the I10.

Is it foolishness to not take a cab, or is the walk okay? We'd be going for lunch.

In addition, hoping to hit the race track, as well as Luizza's by the Track, Galatioire's, and Camellia Grill (Carrollton - though I read the name may be changing due to lawsuit).

We saw the NOLa episode of the 'Burger Land' show and were pleased to see Marvin is still at Camellia. We wanted to go to Frostop last trip but it didn't work out. Port of Call also looked great.

Not sure about BBQ shrimp. We actually had a very good plate of it at Deanie's near the Quarter some years ago. We're thinking about Pascale Manale's just for the history, but are open to suggestions.

Angelo Brocatto's is a definite and Mandina's a good possibility.

If ONLY Uglesich's were still open .........

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  1. I wouldn’t make that walk. Definitely not.

    1. Nope. Take a cab. Not the safest of neighborhoods in between the Quarter and Willie Mae's....

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I certainly don't want to go against CH rules. I was asking more about the feasibility and less about the safety.

            I was told, in Las Vegas, one could walk to the In-N-Out near New York, New York, but there wasn't a sidewalk the entire way so we took a cab.

            Pre-Katrina we walked to Elizabeth's and had no problems but I read on CH that Willie Mae's will call a cab for you back to wherever so a cab it will be.

            Still looking for BBQ shrimp recs. We really liked Deannie's some years ago, and are leaning toward Pascale's Manale for its tradition.

            Many speak highly of Mr. B's, but on out last trip we walked in were told, incredibly rudely, that they weren't open. Not "I'm very sorry, but we haven't yet opened for the day.", but a gruffly barked out, "We're closed.", so I'm still a bit prejudiced against them. But great shrimp are great shrimp so I can probably let it go for my belly's sake.

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            1. re: eruby

              Here's a recent review of Mr. B's:
              BBQ shrimp to try: Emeril's or Delmonico (appetizer) or Mosca's (though it's called shrimp Mosca and is a creole-italian variation of the dish). Honestly, I think this is a dish best made & eaten at home.

              I humbly submit that the shrimp & tasso Henican at Commander's Palace is better than BBQ shrimp.

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                i dont put an awful lot of stock in Blackened Out's reviews, we disagree often. the BBQ shrimp at Mr. B's is generally regarded as among the best here on the chowhound forum. you can find a dozen threads on it here.

                but where is Kukubura when you need him!? he is one of the most vocal to sing their praise...:


                1. re: kibbles

                  Ha! And I don't put much stock in the chorus of out of town chowhounders all flocking to Mr. Bs.

                  1. re: Hungry Celeste

                    plenty of locals like myself chime in on those threads to back it up. Mr. B's BBQ shrimp is good. far better than Deanie's or Pascal Manale's...

                    1. re: kibbles

                      The one time I ate at Mr. B's (years ago) it was so bad - like Mother's bad - I hope it was an aberration. Even in the French Quarter, it surely couldn't still be in business serving food like that on a regular basis. Then again, Mother's is still in business . . . .

                      1. re: kibbles

                        I've eaten them once, to see what the buzz was about. They were good but I liked my version better, a bit more piquant.
                        My recipe came from a Brennan's maitre de in the 60's so I'm sure formulas change over the years.

                      2. re: Hungry Celeste

                        I'm sure MY opinion doesnt matter, as my mail isnt delivered to a NO zip code, but of the versions I've tried in the city, Mr. B's is amongst the best.

                        1. re: GDPhalp

                          I didn't intend to turn this into a conflict.

                          We liked Mother's when we were there Pre-Katrina and also liked Deannie's BBQ shrimp so I guess are opinion is also worthless : )

                          What one likes, is what one likes and naysayers shouldn't sway them.

                          New Orleans. Eat early, eat often!

                          1. re: eruby

                            Perhaps if you move to the city, the masses will be able to trust your palate.

                            1. re: eruby

                              LOL! There was an incident! Indeed - NOLA....Eat early, eat often.

                              1. re: NoHun

                                Ha! I missed this thread the first time and am reading it IN New Orleans so I am a local - for the next day or so! ;) Everyone we meet THINKS we're locals at least, if that counts for anything. We'll be lunching at Mr B's tomorrow and I'll report on how the shrimp stand currently. For the record the henican at Commander's does indeed give them a run for the money!

                    2. re: eruby

                      Just because one CAN, is not reason to feel that they SHOULD.

                      In San Francisco, a city that we visit maybe 30x per year, I often walk from the Bay to the Breakers, but there are places that I would never walk at night (heck, not even during the day for some). I can, but I will not. That is what cabs are for.

                      Good luck, and enjoy,