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May 17, 2013 10:59 AM

Moissonnier in the 5th? Rendezvous aux Camionneurs in the 4th...

Wondering if anyone has been to Moissonnier lately, and what's the current state of affairs? We both remember liking it very much indeed, when we ate here about 20-some-odd years ago...Hoping for a decent meal, elbow-to-elbow with other appreciative diners.

Walking around playing tourist the other day, and stumbled on RDVC on Quai des Orfevres. Tiny little place, turning out high-class dishes with very good service. A perfectly cooked slab of Bar, fresh spinach with pine nuts, grapefruit beurre blanc; Noix de Saint Jacques baked in the shell with just a touch of cumin cream, under a very clever pastry cap; dense, dark, deconstructed tarte au chocolat with orange marmalade and Grand Marnier ice cream; a pichet of the house red; a couple of digestives - Vieille Prune and Bas Armagnac - then two coffees, because it was still raining - and the total for 2 very happy people was 125EU. I might just stop cooking on Sundays and go here, instead...

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  1. Moissonnier hasn't change much since we've been going there regularly for some 30 years. One of the reasons we recently moved our apartment from the 14e to the 5e.

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        Thanks for the really great news!

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          Any more recent feedback? I think this is near the area we'd like to be to pick up the boat for our river cruise.