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May 17, 2013 10:44 AM

Voice fires Sietsema

....along with Michael Musto and Deborah Feingold.

guess the whole place will be turned over to interns soon.

oh, and the "publishers" consign Sietsema to footnote status in a self-serving press release that attempts to convince those reading it that replacing good experienced writers with ... er ... ad pages ... is good for everyone.

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  1. I hope Sietsema catches on somewhere else. Yes, he could overreact to some places but by and large he was, and is, very reliable. Nobody does a better job covering ethnic restaurants.

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      "Nobody does a better job covering ethnic restaurants."

      That's a simple statement, and for me, a huge one that's entirely accurate. I am tremendously indebted to Robert Sietsema, and hope he's at work quickly in at least as good a position.

      In addition to his contributions to those who love food, he's been a massive supporter of valiant small business people, launching and running food businesses from the heart, and not the corporate bottom line.

    2. and i meant Michael Feingold. sorry about that!

      1. This was why Village Voice fought so hard to act as a port and shelter for the pimps and child traffickers. Those services generated over $22 million a year, which was a signifigant amount when print media revenues were going down.

        But, once the Village Voice spun off Backpage to minimize the public relations fallout, this was inevitable as Village Voice Media didn't have the money anymore to prop up the rest of its businesses.

        Frankly, this will be good for Siestema. The Village Voice's editors, or at least the Orange County editor, admitted that they weren't concerned with accuracy or good writing. Instead, they wanted controversy and the ensuing comments generated by the controversy.

        Thus, you'd see Siestema make some pretty blatant errors while overeacting to some places.