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May 17, 2013 10:30 AM

Are there any delicous non-pork breakfast sausges to be had in Los Angeles?

Entertaining some friends who don't eat pork.

Prefer something that doesn't use factory meat.

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  1. Try Lindy & Grundy on Fairfax, McCallls on Hillhurst, or in the Farmers Market (3rd & Fairfax - see their website) there are two great butchers and two great poultry shops that might do it for you - I think you would be happy with any of these fine shops

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      Try Jeff's Gourmet on Pico Blvd. They are kosher, but everyone seems to love them. All sausages are made by Jeff's, nothng from a factory.

    2. Bristol Farms makes many non pork fresh made sausages including their Chicken Apple/Cinnamon Link: With a sage seasoning base accented by green apples and cinnamon.
      Or their Turkey Cranberry Sausage: Made with fresh California turkey, cornbread stuffing, sun dried cranberries, and sage seasoning.

      1. In the original farmers market try Huntington Meats. Here is a list of their in house made non-pork sausages.

        Alligator Andouille
        Wild Boar

        Cajun-Hot Hot Hot
        Basil & Tomato
        Chicken Kiev
        Sante Fe
        Apple Cinnamon
        Tropical Thunder w/Papaya
        Cordon Bleu
        Asian Teriyaki
        Lamb Mediterranean
        Hot Spicy Lamb

        Lamb Merquez
        Chicken Lemon & Herb
        Chicken Jamacan Mango
        Pann's Chicken Sausage

        1. Not gourmet, but Sprouts makes both chicken and pork sausages in-house. They have different flavors everyday.

          1. Love Huntington Meats! Great Shop with very helpful and skilled butchers. All they fresh made sausages are natural and no nitrates.
            There is also Money Saver Meats on Florence near Crenshaw, nothing but Chicken and Turkey sausages, check their hours and days.

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              Wow. I had never heard of Money Saver Meats but now, looking at their website? I've got to try them!

              THank you so much for posting their information : )