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May 17, 2013 09:41 AM

Kosher Culinary Orlando, FL

Kosher Culinary in Orlando was the one place that always delivered to my hotel when I stayed in Orlando. A few weeks ago, I noticed that they were no longer advertising in the Jewish papers. Today, I tried to reach their web site and noticed that they no longer own the name or page. Does anyone know if they are still open or if they might have relocated? If they are no longer open, any suggestions for good quality meat and dairy meals that can be bought ready made and sent to my hotel?

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  1. I just googled them and called the phone number, the person that answered the phone said they are now called Kosher Gourmet. He said they are continuing to make improvements along the lines of what they were doing Yeshiva Week. They had expanded the menu, were using china, and had more wait staff. It was very good.

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      Thank you! I really appreciate you researching this.