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May 17, 2013 08:55 AM

eating in Thailand

Hi all-

I will be going to Bangkok, Koh Samui & Chang Mai in June and was hoping for some suggestions on where to eat. I am looking for a mix of authentic experiences and slightly fancier/modern dining. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


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  1. For Bangkok, try Nahm ( - it's the best there is in Thai fine dining. Chef David Thompson is legendary and his original Nahm in London was 1-Michelin-starred. He closed it down due to difficulties in procuring ingredients to ensure authenticity in his cooking.

    For authentic Thai eats, but in convenient locations, try the MK or See Fah outlets in large malls like Central World Plaza. S&P restaurants are also very good, and the cooking there caters to the local Bangkok middle-class consumers.

    For seafood in central Bangkok, my pick is T-Pochana:

    If you want to trawl the street-side stalls of Bangkok's Chinatown:

    For the "best Pad Thai in Bangkok", try Thip Samai:

    Use the search engine if you want more details on what/where to eat in Bangkok.