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May 17, 2013 08:48 AM

Jazz in Quebec City/Montreal

Will be visiting Montreal and Quebec City for the first time in less than a month. What are some of the best places to listen to jazz and get a nice meal in either location.

Also, will be celebrating a 40th birthday while in Europea a good choice for a special birthday celebration?


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  1. We like to go to Diese Onze, Casa del Popolo, Resonance Café, Upstairs or L'Astral in Montreal. The first two probably provided the most casual or interesting meal options. Modavie in Old Montreal has house bands, often more R&B than jazz these days though. Here's a good listing for what's playing:

    In Quebec City I'd go to Largo, great pasta, good ambiance.

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    1. re: Plateaumaman

      In Quebec city, Largo is currently closed, it's supposed to re-open after July 2013.

      The other major Jazz place in Quebec is Clarendon, but I'm not sure if you can eat in the Jazz-bar area.

      Auberge St-Antoine has Thursday jazz night, but once again I'm not sure it's in an area where you can also eat.

      1. re: dominiquep

        Also in Quebec City, there's the Fou Bar for music and micro-brewery beer. Apparently they have free tapas on Thursday and Friday. Oh, looks like it's just jazz on Tuesdays.

    2. Upstairs is the only really good place to dig straight jazz music... The Barry Harris Trio are playing a few nights over Jazzfest and there's a Dexter Gordon Tribute by a pretty solid combo too. Better to eat nearby first though; there's plenty of options.

      1. I can't add too much to the thread, but I will point out the elephant sitting here in the room, hehe:
        Montreal International Jazz Festival June 28 to July 7
        Sadly (staying somewhat on topic) the food scene at the site is severely lacking.

        OK, ok, you're trip is already set up, can't change things, but maybe next time.....
        But realize (for better or worse?) "Jazz Festival" is a misnomer - they have everything from ska to blues to pop to R&B to dixieland with an occasional jazz ensemble thrown in. Not necessarily bad, but not strictly a jazz festival.

        Then following, 2 hours north of Montreal, the (aptly named) International Tremblant Blues Festival July 05-14

        I'm just sayin {;-/)