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May 17, 2013 08:20 AM

Great Take Out for Group in Green Lake

In town from Cleveland for my daughter's wedding and will be hosting an informal meal Saturday night for 8 family members at our B and B. Nothing fancy but definitely needs to be local, tasty and easy to serve. Group isn't very fussy. We are staying in the Green Lake area by the zoo and have a car. Thanks in advance.


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  1. Mr Gyros on Greenwood will do their shwarma and gyros in platters to go, which could be good. You could also have PIcnic do a spread of charcuterie and crackers and pickles and such.

    1. You could try Picnic. It is very good and close to where you will be.

      1. +1 Mr Gyros.

        I really like the Thai food at Krittika Noodles.

        1. Thanks to all for the recommendations. Mr gyro was the way I was headed until I found they closed early on Saturday. So ended up getting a couple of trays made up at Picnic. Nice selection and very tasty. Latter picked up Pizza at Flying Squirrel. Pulled port was a good surprise. .

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            A fortunate surprise, indeed...