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May 17, 2013 06:16 AM

NY Strip Steak on menu

Would love some ideas for a non typical steakhouse that would have a good NY strip and also attractive setting. Could be anywhere in the city and would like it to include fish as well. Price range for steak in 40$ is ok. Thanks.

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  1. Brasserie certainly does not seem like a steakhouse -- modern and bright. I was there they other night and very much enjoyed the steak frites --- NY Sirloin, rib eye and filet were also on the menu. As for fish, there was salmon, scallops, grilled tuna and another wholle grilled fish (don't recall the variety).

      1. Blue Ribbon
        Joseph Leonard

        If you can increase your budget, Minetta Tavern or Gotham Bar & Grill have NY Strip on the menu.

        1. Abe & Arthur fits all your criteria, except it's more than $40 (closer to 50 iirc).

          It's a great NY Strip, as well, dry-aged for 28 days and bone-in.

          Lots of pescatarian options, too. The skate dish we tasty, although a bit light on the portion-size.

          1. Minetta Tavern. Great NY strip over $60 but very shareable