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May 17, 2013 04:43 AM

Kyo Ya or wd-50

My wife and I are unable to decide which restaurant to go to for our (fifth) anniversary. Any thoughts?

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  1. Do you already have reservations? When is the anniversary?

    Are you planning on the kaiseki at Kyo Ya or a la carte?

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    1. re: kathryn

      We have reservations for both, and are planning on the Kaiseki if we do Kyo Ya.

      1. re: theaone

        Kyo Ya is definitely more serene and has really great service, but the food isn't really "exciting" or "experimental." The tables are also well spaced. Are you in the tatami room? I think it's a much more romantic, relaxing experience.

        WD-50 has a completely different, more "industrial" vibe, and some of the tables are very close together. They take more risks in terms of flavor combinations, and sometimes it pays off amazingly (and sometimes not). I believe you can also ask for a kitchen tour, and Wylie is usually there.

        1. re: kathryn

          My girlfriend and I found the food at Kyo Ya super-exciting when we had their 10-course kaiseki, but I suppose it might not be for someone who's had other great kaiseki meals elsewhere.

          1. re: kathryn

            Is tatami room a private room or do u dine with other diners?

      2. I was wholey unimpressed with wd-50. spent about $400 btwn myself and my wife and walked away saying I'd never come back. The value simply isn't there. In fact, and in general, I find the high end places around the city rarely ever gives me sufficient satisfaction-- except for the steakhouses...

        1. Not a huge fan of either one, but between these two I would definitely pick Kyo Ya. Much better atmosphere, especially for a special occasion. Plus I think the food's a little better. wd~50's food is more experimental, but somehow it manages to be boring in its current incarnation.

          1. Agreeing with everyone you should do Kyo Ya. I was also somewhat underwhelmed with wd-50 when I went recently and it was a fairly noisy environment with not much spacing between the tables. Kyo Ya in comparison felt much more private and peaceful, and the service was better.