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May 16, 2013 09:49 PM

El Rosal Bakery, Santa Cruz - any reports on their tamales, pastries, Menudo, churros?

Found out about this place on Yelp, any hounds been & have any reports?

Suppose to have 3 tamales: good chicken green sauce tamales, a chicken red sauce & a veggie jalapeno cheese $1.59 ea.
others things they have from Yelp:
jalapeno cheese bread
Menudo on Sundays
tres leche cake
coconut rolled sweet bread & pumpkin filled bread - gotta get early

El Rosal Bakery
21513 E. Cliff Dr
Santa Cruz

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  1. I haven't been there in a while. I liked their tamales, and I would also get some of their bread rolls. If you go on Sunday the Live Oak farmers market is held in the parking lot.

    1. Stopped there on the way home from work today and picked up a dozen chicken with green sauce tamales, some assorted pastries and a couple of the bolillos with jalapenos and cream cheese.

      Have so far only tried the tamales, but they're really good. Living in the southern part of the county, our usual source of tamales is the Mi Pueblo in Watsonville, which are also good, but these are better. The masa is very tender and the green sauce has a definite (welcome) kick. Recommended.

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        I have had their tamales, both rojo and verde, many times. They're consistently good and I definitely recommend them. I concur with ahclem, and would add that the masa isn't dry like in many others (which I presume means more lard than typical, but that's fine with me) and there's a good balance of meat and masa, which I also appreciate.

        I haven't really tried their pastries so have nothing to add there.