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May 16, 2013 08:29 PM

Stratford Festival 2013

Here are some additions/changes to the Stratford food scene:

Monforte on Wellington
Wawa Grub
Pazzo's recent relaunch of its street level space, now featuring a Taverna
Pazzo continues to have a pizzeria on the lower level

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  1. prima...

    Is Pazzo Bakery still next door to Pazzo? Enjoyed their picnic-to-go.

    Especially the Blue Cheese Coleslaw. YUM!

    1. Thanks Prima for the latest updates; I've come to rely on your recos for Stratford.

      Not sure what we'll choose yet (so many choices, so little time) but will report back.

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      1. re: Steady

        Thanks so much, Steady! :)

        I haven't been yet, but I recommended Monforte on Wellington to a friend for lunch last week, and she liked it a lot. Monforte on Wellington has been posting photos of their daily chalkboard menu via Facebook.

        Kwfoodiewannabe, the bakery is still there. Didn't get around to trying anything out last season, but I'll plan to visit this season.

      2. I enjoyed my first post-theatre meal of my 2013 Stratford season at Pazzo's newly opened Taverna, on their main floor.

        Friendly service and reasonable prices for a tourist destination like Stratford. Most of the food offered on the menu is contemporary Italian, with prices that are quite similar to Lil Baci Taverna or L'Unita. I think the quality was also similar to what the quality at Lil Baci Taverna, L'Unita or Terroni. Pazzo Taverna also has a raw oysters and chilled seafood section on their menu, which I did not try.

        I ordered the eggplant crostini (3 pieces for $9), the garganelli with Italian sausage, and the Baked Vesuvius (caramelized cardamom meringue,lemon gelato and limoncello soaked cake, similar to a Baked Alaska). Warm, complimentary foccacia, and good espresso. My dining companions liked their salads, mussels and porchetta.

        I'm planning to return for another meal in a couple weeks.