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May 16, 2013 07:35 PM

best sushi within walking distance of Bethesda metro station?

I will be in town for just one evening to attend a course the next day, staying near the Bethesda metro station. I'm looking for a good place to have sushi for dinner. I would consider "walking distance" to be 1 1/2 miles or less. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I haven't tried it yet, but a chef who has worked at some decent sushi restaurants just opened his own place across the street from the Bethesda metro, called Yuzu-- probably worth checking out.

    If you want something more middle of the road, you could walk a little ways up Wisconsin Ave. to Sushi Taro.

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    1. re: Doh

      Did you mean Tako Grill? Sushi Taro is in Dupont and definitely not "middle of the road."

      I would agree that Yuzu is probably worth checking out. I have not tried it yet either, but seeing as the chef/owner used to own a place in Tokyo and was the opening sushi chef at Kushi, it's likely a safe bet.

      It's been a while since I've been, but I remember Raku had some pretty good sushi.

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        This sounds promising. I'll check out (Yuzu).

        Thank you everyone for your replies.

      2. Matuba is good, and has a conveyor belt service.

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          I second Matuba. It's not far, just down the hill from the metro a few blocks and then a half block in.

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            I was very unimpressed with Matuba's conveyor belt sushi; if you're going to Woodmont Triangle, I'd recommend Hanaro over Matuba.

          2. Satsuma is pretty decent and is $1 a piece right now during happy hour.

            1. We like Maki Maki on Wisconsin Ave and within walking distance of the metro. Not sure if it's the best sushi in Bethesda that is close to the metro, but we order from there regularly and have been satisfied. They have "fancy rolls" that are tasty, if you're into some of the non-traditional stuff; "dancing eel" and the one with soft-shell crabs are good.


              It would be nice if Yuzu also turns out to be a good option. Look forward to reading your report!

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              1. re: uwsgrazer

                Yuzu was delicious. I had the seaweed salad with 4 kinds of seaweed, the ganmodoki, tofu dengaku, nasu dengaku, and some nigiri sushi (saba, sake, hamachi), and managed to squeeze in the yuzu ice cream. Everything was delicious and well prepared, the nigiri sushi were individual bites of perfection, with just the right amount of rice and fish for each mouthful. I left with that "just right" feeling -you know, the one you have when you've had a really tasty meal you felt was worth every cent (even though I get to expense this one). Service was a little on the slow side, but that's ok for a new place, and the servers were friendly and helpful, and have a lot of enthusiasm for the chef and his food. I would definitely come back if I am in Bethesda for work again.

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                  Thanks for the report, glad it worked out!

                  1. re: little.tiger

                    That's good to hear. We went very shortly after it opened, and found the food very mixed (the hamachi in particular was off, and the appetizer cucumber salad was awkward) and the service completely clueless (including not knowing what we were talking about when we asked for some of our nigiri to be w/o wasabi, for our kids).

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                      Yum! Thanks for the report, will definitely have to try it!