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May 16, 2013 07:18 PM

Falling Down Beer (brew pub) Co. in Warren, MI [DTW]

Went to Falling Down Beer Co. (FDBC) today in Warren and will happily return…but I’ll be slightly restrained regarding to whom I recommend it.

First, let’s get a couple things out of the way. It’s on 10 Mile near Dequindre, yet this newish brew pub is unstylish even for that Centerline / Hazel Park area. That’s saying something. But, let’s just say I’m the type of person who can overlook ugly, particularly when beer is involved. Secondly, most (not all) of the brews are light on character. Tasty, not nasty! Clean, but almost dilute. Maybe one could say, “Sherwood Brewery style.” The logo* has been improved, if memory serves, but needs to be scrapped and restarted from scratch, in my opinion. *Began as a yellow caution traffic sign depicting a black stick figure tripping.

Hopefully you’ve stayed with me, because the rest of my comments are positive. Today I had the English Pale Ale (~8.2% ABV) and it was EXCELLENT. The food also was good. FDBC makes a conscientious effort to house-make their pub grub with fresh (local when available) ingredients. The effort shines thru. I had nice, smoky pulled pork sliders with potato chips hot from the fryer, as well as their signature “Ruben” egg rolls. No complaints! Next time I will try a tempting sounding burger.

Also, my server Heather was a model employee. Talked up the product, was warm, swiftly attentive and of course cute. She must somehow be related to the ownership, to give such a first class effort in that rather modest scale environment.

It was plenty busy on this Thursday night, and I’m pretty sure most of these very well behaved male customers were regulars. Because, it would be hard to stumble upon this place anew. And, as I said, to those who’ve tried it, there is a lot about FDBC worth returning for!

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  1. Thanks for your review. Noticed several beers on their "website" that interested me. Lunch there might come in short order.