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May 16, 2013 06:21 PM

ny hound at university of tenn knoxville without a car

hi, back at u tenn for a kids problem solving championship. Food on campus ranges between bad and very bad.

first and foremost, is there any great bbq around campus? last I checked there wasn't much but hope springs eternal.

any and all suggestions appreciated. Spent summers in the south growing up, so any good southern cooking, especially fried chicken, would be great. But anything that's good would be appreciated...might try to rent a bike for the work out and lengthen my chow reach...

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  1. Walk down to the river and upstream you'll find Calhoun's on the river. It's close to campus and among their sides, their Spinach Marie is loved locally.

    On the strip, there are the usual chains, which are predictable.

    More interesting food is downtown on Market Square which isn't that far a walk to the east, follow Cumberland east to Gay street and turn north. The north end of Gay Street hill has Market Square to two blocks away with a lot of independent, good restaurants.

    1. I forgot to mention Sunspot on Cumberland in the Strip. I haven't eaten there in two years, but it was good for a decade and worth getting there really early to get one of their few parking places in back of them up the hill.