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Nov 29, 2002 11:39 PM

Mrs Keaton's Bakery

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Does anyone remember those wonderful cream puffs we used to buy from Keaton's Bakery on Austin Ave in Waco? Does anyone have a recipe for cream puffs like those? Thanks!

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  1. I would love to have it also if you find it

    1. Did you ever find or hear from anyone about the cream puff recipe? I know the recipes for Mrs. Keaton's Bakery were offered for sale in the newspaper about 20 or so years ago. I have never seen any of them published online.

      1. I would love to have the recipe. I have never forgotten them in my child hood on into teen years. I would pay for the recipe!

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          Nobody has found the recipe that I know of. My best guess is that it is some form of yeast doughnut or potato doughnut, fried, with a cream filling and a very light whipped maple frosting. I have eaten copycats at a couple of bakeries in Waco in the past but they did not match Mrs. Keaton's. I do not think they had the recipe and were just guessing. Jack and Jill Doughnut Shop came the closest. It was ok but it was still not the same and when the new owners took over they did not continue making that product. I have not lived in Waco since 1995 so I do not know what might be available now. I found where someone posted a cream puff recipe on another website claiming that it was Mrs. Keaton's but it was a standard French style cream puff recipe that I have seen in several cookbooks and websites, not at all like the recipe everyone wants. I really cannot remember what the filling was like so that to me is not as important as the maple frosting. An unglazed, vanilla cream (or marshmallow cream)filled doughnut with the right frosting should be pretty close.

        2. Do you remember what the filling was like? All I can remember is the frosting.

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            The filling was light and creamy and it had a slight wonderful texture to it. I can't believe its lost forever! What a waste. Wonder if anyone bought the cookbooks back then. Would love to find a copy.

          2. I don't remember it having a filling. The maple puff at Shipley's is closest I have found. But nothing measures up to the original. If anyone every gets the recipe please let me know and I will of course do the same.

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              I grew up in Bellmeade, joined the military and traveled the world, I have never found anything that comes close. To this day, I will never eat a cream puff made by others, it remains a part of my childhood memories, and special because my Grandfather picked them up on Saturdays. I remember them with no filling and the yummy cream was on top. Nobody else does that. She is missed.