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Creations in Wakefield: Coffee, ramyun, and...?

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I'm liking this little place on Main Street. It looks like a coffee/sandwich shop; went in on a Saturday morning looking for coffee and saw a sign that they had ramyun available (spicy Korean or Japanese miso). I went for spicy Korean. The noodles themselves weren't homemade or anything, but the toppings were fresh (lettuce, mushrooms, sprout; chicken is available for a bit extra). Mostly I was just really happy to find a place that offers ramyun at 10:30 in the morning (it's available all day).

Found myself there again today and tried a caramel latte. They serve Rao's coffee. Call me what you will but the latte "art" brightened my morning (photo).

Has anyone tired their sandwiches? What should I get on my next visit?

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  1. As someone who regularly eats ramyun filled with brown rice, over-ripe radish kimchee, and a scattering of scallions at 8 am most mornings, I appreciate this post! Perhaps I'll even venture out to Wakefield (from Arlington) one of these mornings!