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May 16, 2013 04:37 PM

Recommendations for MP, Chelsea, Soho Dinner & Drinks

I've read previous discussions but haven't been able to find any ideas. We are 3 couples in our 40's staying in the Meatpacking District and would love recommendations for great places to eat and have drinks in the general area. Any price range is ok. Love all kinds of foods. Looking for a true NY expericence.
thank you

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  1. In Meatpacking, if you want a good, lively vibe and a NYC experience, I like STK, Buddakan, Sea Thai, and Abe & Arthur's

    1. Scarpetta; Montmartre; del Posto; Raoul's; The Dutch; Balthazar

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      1. Spice Market - always crowded, asian/fusion, nice scene
        Colicchio & Sons - Tap Room, nice big windows, good and traditional food
        Perry Street - one of my overall preferite restaurant
        Giovanni Rana - everyday casual italian fare
        Buddakan - it's on every tourist guide but I really like it
        Minetta Tavern - one of the best true NY experience, great bar, great food (love their murray sour cocktail)

        1. I always take out of towners for awesome spanish at Boqueria (soho and w19th st), make a reservation or get there bf after work crowd. Search chowhound for best recommendation and go for korean bbq in k-town, always fun and delicious. Chelsea market is great to get awesome coffee inside at 9th st espresso and a chocolate chip cookie at jaques torres.

          1. Thank you for all the great suggestions! We'll be in NY Sat-Wed in July.
            I'm thinking we'll got Spice Market on Saturday night,
            Perry St for brunch on Sunday,
            Minetta Tavern & Blue Note on Sunday night,
            Monday Abe & Arthur's

            Our husbands are going to the All-Star Game Tues night and the ladies will be dining solo. We are thinking of going to see Once at the Bernard Jacobs Theater on 242 west 45th street. Any suggestions for after dinner?

            Also for lunches while we are there I was thinking of going to
            Katz's and maybe a restaurant in Chinatown or Korea Town? Would love suggestions.

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              On a Saturday night, I actually prefer the "scene" better at Abe & Aruther's than at Spice Market.