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May 16, 2013 04:31 PM

Eating wings

As a wings fan, I noticed that folks take different approaches when it comes to eating wings. Some love getting messy and dive right into gnawing at the bone. Others are more about getting the most meat for the least effort.

I'm curious to see how the differences came about. So, my fellow wings fans, what's your take?

-Where did you learn how to eat wings?
-Have you ever taught anyone else how to eat them?
-How many do you usually eat in one sitting?
-What's the most you've ever eaten?

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  1. 1) Western New York, outside Buffalo.
    2) No, that way, the uninitiated go right for the drummies, leaving me with the flats -- which have the perfect skin/sauce/meat ratio for me.
    3) Usually? About 15. Though I don't often have them since I moved away from the motherland. I'm a little picky about them now.
    4) 35. I was 18, a college athlete who was working out 4 hours a day, had a metabolism I still sorely miss, and I was hungry. My boyfriend the football player downed about 40, we saved the few left to take home, and then split a pizza and a few more beers (it was NY when the drinking age was still 18 in the early '80s) Thinking about it now, I can't even imagine that kind of intake.

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    1. re: lsmutko

      LOL! Love your strategy about drummies/flats.

    2. Back in my hayday I could probably eat twenty. Now, since I have tummy issues, six or eight.
      Back then, melt your face hot. I have even eaten the sign the waiver hots. Now Med or hot.
      I taught myself to eat them and I am a small, sad group of girls that tears the better part of the meat then and only then gnaws on the knuckes and remaining meat. I had a friend show me how to find the end of a flat and seperate the bones and suck the meat off in one bite, but that isnt very girly in a restaurant. But at home, all bets are off.
      I also must clean(not lick if i am sharing) my hands alot

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      1. re: suzigirl

        Me too! There's no shame in going right after the meat. Getting messy is part of the fun IMO. Finger-licking depends on the sauce ;)

      2. In my mother's kitchen in the 1050s. mom would roast a tray of chicken wings about every two weeks for dinner. About every three weeks she roast turkey wings. In fact on Thanksgiving she always roasted an extra half dozen turkey wings as they were the favorite part in our family.

        I taught my 25 yo daughter how to eat them. I took her out when she was a freshman in college and she complained that the restaurant didn.t have boneless wings on the menu. I explained that:
        #1 Boneless wings are NOT wings
        #2 It's time to grow up and eat the real thing

        How many at a sitting? Until I'm full or they're all gone. Usually about 12, that's wings, not pieces, all THREE sections-drumette, flat, and tip. People whi get wing pieces in restaurants don't even realise that the tip section is part of the wing.

        The most I've ever eaten> 5 lbs precooked weight, I don't have a piece count.

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          1. re: PotatoHouse

            And you giving him the benefit of 10 years!

            1. re: PotatoHouse

              so old, that my visio is failing and my typos increasing....

              Actually, I have an eye infection this week and the opthalmic antibiotic leaves my left eye vision cloudy, lots of typos.

              Only doing pleasure things like CH thius week, no legal work, could be harmful to my clients' health....................

            2. re: bagelman01

              I've never tried turkey wings before. Those sound delicious!

              Totally agree with you about boneless wings. No bones = overgrown McNuggets in my book.

              1. re: sarahweiss

                We do all-you-can-eat Buffalo-style Turkey wings at our Restaurant every weekend. Each wing weighs about a pound. No one has ever managed to eat more than three. You actually have to roast them first -- they're too big to just deep fry; they don't get tender enough if you just fry them.

                We usually do a traditional Wing Sauce with them (60/40 Frank's to Butter) but we also make our own smoked Habanero Sauce which we use sparingly if people want a hotter sauce. We blend it in to taste. You don't need much. We blend it with other stuff so it's got a lot of flavor, not just screeching heat.

            3. 1) From home, watching other family members.
              2) No, but people are amazed at my talents to clean the bones so clean a dog would be sad to get it. But my whole family does. Ribs, wings, T-bones all striped clean.
              3) 4-5 tops.
              4) 6. But hey, I'm a smaller woman so I go quality not quantity.

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              1. re: Crockett67

                Haha, you just described my lunch today. 6 wings, all meat cleaned off the bone. I'm the same way with ribs and T-bones too. There's so much more flavor closer to the bone.

              2. 1. Autodidact

                2. No

                3. If the wangs constitute the entree, I'll eat around 20. For an app, closer to 10.

                4. Not sure. Probably a little over 20.

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                1. re: Perilagu Khan

                  Thanks for replying! Looks like the sweet spot for most of us is somewhere between 10-20... In all honesty, all this talk about wings means I'm definitely hitting up the closest wing spot to work for lunch. CRAVINGS.