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OPEN TABLE - Who likes it??

I just tried to make a reservation for N/naka. Went to their website and "open table" jumped in. I filled out the info - I've used it before Then they turned me down saying my card was "invalid." (nonsense) So I entered it again. then Open Table orders me to "sign in" which I did. I was recognized as a prior user. I received no confirmation. So I don't know if my reservation went through. I like to talk to a human voice and make the dam reservation. Am I missing anything?

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  1. "Then they turned me down saying my card was "invalid.""

    What "card" are you talking about?

    1. Open table always sends an email confirmation right away. I would call the restaurant immediately. Also you can look up your upcoming reservations on the open table site once you've signed in on the top right corner of the screen.

      1. I never have a problem with OT. Dont know of any card. Also, sometimes there is more availability when you call then when you try to book OT so I will often call if the time I want is not available on OT.

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            Open Table has never asked me for a credit card. Does n/naka require you to leave a cc number to make a reservation? That's not on OT if so but rather the restaurant.

            1. re: Servorg

              yes - n/naka does requre a card for a rez.

              1. re: Ciao Bob

                Yes, n/naka requires a credit card AND a phone number so they can call you 3 days ahead of your reservation to discuss menu options and choices. Class act.

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                  "Yes, n/naka requires a credit card AND a phone number so they can call you 3 days ahead of your reservation to discuss menu options and choices. "

                  That's the RESTAURANT, it's not OpenTable.

        1. I love it. Make reservations in minutes without having to talk to another soul.

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          1. Love it. No waiting on "hold." Make reservation, receive immediate e-mail confirmation. Entire process takes about 30 seconds.

            1. Love open table....there is never a dispute about "lost reservation", you can see what restaurants are in demand and not (ie. only 5 and 10pm slots available, always!), can write down special requests and as a bonus get $1 for every reservation, $10 for those 1000 point ones (which also indicates how a restaurant is faring, generally).

              1. Also a big fan. It makes it easy to track upcoming reservations and times. It's also easy to cancel too.

                I only call if I can't get a reservation via opentable since some restaurants limit the number of primetime tables available through open table.

                Never had any credit card problems on the rare occasions they ask for a credit card. Sometimes I'll make it through the restaurant if I know the restaurant doesn't require a credit card to hold but opentable does.

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                1. re: Porthos

                  +1 on all accounts.

                  As a side note, I have also found that some restaurants (Houston's, for example) take reservations via Urban Spoon where Open Table does not.

                2. I love OT. I have used it at least 2x/week for several years...at least 200-300 times. It is convenient, allows me to make reservations day or night, provides me with a written confirmation, allows me to easily calendar the reservation and email others in the party, and is totally error-free. If I cannot get the exact reservation I want, I take the closest available and often can get this fixed with a phone call...but this is not often necessary. I love OT, and cannot find any fault with the system.

                  1. I like Open Table and have never had a problem. Occassionaly OT will show no availability, but if you call you can get a table. The mobile app is great. It knows where you are and automatically shows restaurants in they city/area you are in.

                    If you prefer to call, go ahead and call.

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                    1. re: pemma

                      The absence of OT reservations is particularly acute with Angelini Osteria, (and don't get me started on the Mozza's and reservation angst!)... ;-D>

                    2. I love open Table. They are quick, easy and reliable and I get a few bucks back every year. Available 24/7 too!!
                      I've never had an issue and never had to pre pay with a credit card. Must be a requiremant for that particular restaurant.
                      You get an email confirmation and can send copies to the other diners in your party.
                      In the event of a glitch I'd rather show the res on my phone than say "Jodi said we were all set!" Apologies to all of the Jodi's!!

                      1. I love Open Table and use it frequently, especially when travelling. If no tables are available for when I want, I will call the restaurant directly. Gotta love those 1,000 point tables, too.

                        1. I love it. I don't eat out at places that require reservations too often, but when I do I do my research and make reservations during the day, when many of the places aren't even open yet. So this way I can do it whenever I want, AND I have proof of the reservation since they send an email confirmation. I can then forward that reservation to whomever I'm dining with. I also like that if my time requested is not available, it'll tell me all the times that are, without having to go back and forth with someone on the phone.

                          Only bummer? Not all restaurants give points. I just made a reservation the other day for next Saturday night and they said no points are available for that restaurant. Not sure if it's due to the day/time or if it's just that particular restaurant.

                          I will say, if I was reserving for a large party, or had special requests, I'd prefer to talk to a person.

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                          1. re: juliejulez

                            While it's true that some reservations don't accrue points, what you should be aware of is that you only get points by navigating directly to opentable.com. If you get there via a link on the restaurant's web page you don't get any points. At least, that's my understanding.

                            1. re: CindyJ

                              You're correct. No points for booking directly from the restaurant's website.

                              1. re: Bob Martinez

                                I get the feeling that the OT link that has become available on the various restaurants own websites has something to do with a behind the scenes legal wrangling over "restraint of trade" or "monopoly" or something in that general vicinity, with threats of lawsuits if this new linking mechanism wasn't created/allowed. I don't know why I feel that way, I just do...

                              2. re: CindyJ

                                Ah OK, that makes sense. Usually I do it through my phone app but this time I did it directly from the restaurant's site.

                            2. Another big fan here for so many reasons. Been using it since 2002.

                              1. I use OpenTable all the time. Several reasons, but mainly for the convenience and the fact that I travel a lot and it makes it much easier for me to arrange for reservations in the cities I will be in before I go.

                                When the restaurant links to OpenTable from their website, they get a reduced cost for the reservation.

                                I've talked to restaurant owners who use the service and they love it. It makes it much easier to schedule things, the service contacts the no show when it happens, and you get feedback about the diner from the system.

                                As to the cost to the restaurant, they wouldn't use the service if it wasn't worth it to them.

                                1. I like Open Table and other similar reservation sites. It's easy to make reservations - often easier than trying to phone someone and always easier than trying to phone someone in a significantly different time zone and/or where I do not speak the language of that country well.

                                  1. I wanted to hate it, but I love it- I have the app on my phone, and it's super easy for travel. It's also easy to use the location settings, and just find a nearby restaurant with availability.

                                    I always get a confirmation right on the app, it's really convenient.

                                    1. Add me to the long list of OT lovers. Seems like you had an issue with the restaurant @Baron, NOT Open Table.

                                      1. I use Open Table at least once a week and I like it a lot. I'd much rather reserve a table online than phone a restaurant directly. When a reservation I want isn't available, I do as many others have noted and phone the restaurant.

                                        It's worth noting that dining points, which can be used toward the cost of a meal, are only accrued when a reservation is made by going directly to opentable.com. If you get to the opentable.com website by clicking a link on the restaurant's web page, you can make a reservation but you don't get points for it.

                                        1. I like open table a great deal. We seem to get better tables and service out here in the Provinces by reserving that way.

                                          1. With praise for OT being virtually unanimous among CH's, it might be more interesting to hear from those who do not like OT, and why?

                                            1. One more vote for really liking open table.

                                              So many others have mentioned how easy it is to book, so instead I will reiterate how easy it is to cancel a table. We had a reservation last weekend and realized early in the morning that we weren't going to be able to make it. I was able to use the Open Table app and cancel the reservation in about 5 secs. I didn't have to wait until the restaurant opened and then call several times until someone answered the phone. Not only that, but I imagine the table was probably made available online and someone else could easily book it. Win-win-win for everyone.

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                                                Great point @pollymerase. Being able to make/break reservations when the thought strikes but the restaurant is closed is one of the best thing about OT.