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May 16, 2013 03:15 PM

Late solo dinner near MDR

Land at LAX at 10:40pm and am staying at the Ritz in Marina del Rey. Where should I go for dinner? I'm assuming it will be 11:30pm by the time I get my rental car and get anywhere. Anywhere reasonably close -- Venice, Santa Monica, etc. -- is fine. Price is not an issue, but I'll be in jeans and a t-shirt.

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  1. Gjelina.... great food (some of the best in LA) and serves till midnight daily. 1/2 mile from Marina Del Rey.

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      I'm not sure what time, but they switch off the full menu and go to a pretty limited late-night menu. Call first (or if someone here knows...?)

    2. In case you run into a time crunch on Gjelina (which would be a really good place for this) Larry's http://larrysvenice.com/ is open until 12 AM, Sunday through Thursday and 1 AM on Friday and Saturday.

      1. Hal's in Venice is very good and has a great bar you can eat at solo. Open until 2 am.

        1. I was going to recommend Gjelina as well (surprise, surprise), but then I reread your post and I think 11:30 may be overly optimistic, especially if you have to retrieve checked luggage and then go get your rental car. Hal's is a decent alternative for food after midnight.

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            In N' Out Burger right outside LAX on Sepulveda Blvd is open till 1:30am as a Double Double cravin back up and is always the first place Anthony Bourdain stops when in LA.

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              That's a fine alternative. I think the hours are the same for the In N' Out on Washington Blvd just east of Lincoln, if the OP wants to be closer to the hotel.