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Late solo dinner near MDR

Land at LAX at 10:40pm and am staying at the Ritz in Marina del Rey. Where should I go for dinner? I'm assuming it will be 11:30pm by the time I get my rental car and get anywhere. Anywhere reasonably close -- Venice, Santa Monica, etc. -- is fine. Price is not an issue, but I'll be in jeans and a t-shirt.

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  1. Gjelina.... great food (some of the best in LA) and serves till midnight daily. 1/2 mile from Marina Del Rey.

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      I'm not sure what time, but they switch off the full menu and go to a pretty limited late-night menu. Call first (or if someone here knows...?)

    2. In case you run into a time crunch on Gjelina (which would be a really good place for this) Larry's http://larrysvenice.com/ is open until 12 AM, Sunday through Thursday and 1 AM on Friday and Saturday.

      1. Hal's in Venice is very good and has a great bar you can eat at solo. Open until 2 am.

        1. I was going to recommend Gjelina as well (surprise, surprise), but then I reread your post and I think 11:30 may be overly optimistic, especially if you have to retrieve checked luggage and then go get your rental car. Hal's is a decent alternative for food after midnight.

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            In N' Out Burger right outside LAX on Sepulveda Blvd is open till 1:30am as a Double Double cravin back up and is always the first place Anthony Bourdain stops when in LA.

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              That's a fine alternative. I think the hours are the same for the In N' Out on Washington Blvd just east of Lincoln, if the OP wants to be closer to the hotel.

            1. cafe del Rey.

              James beach. Late nite menu.

              1. Thanks all. I'm shooting for Gjelina. I'm sitting in the front of the plane, have no checked bags, and winds earlier in the week were sufficiently favorable that flights from the East Coast were getting in substantially ahead of schedule, so hopefully I have a decent chance!

                1. Haven't been to these places, but Kanpai in Westchester is open to 1 AM every night, Tinga in Santa Monica is open to 2 AM every night, Santino's in Venice is open to 3 AM Thu/Fri/Sat.

                  1. Waterloo & City on Washington West of Centinela serves its bar menu until Midnight. A Frame, just across the side street from W&C, also serves late but not sure until when. Ditto for Sunny Spot on Washington at Abbott Kinney.

                    1. Larry's - Killer Shrimp on the bar side -

                      1. Paiche is in MDR and close to the hotel. Opened until 11:30pm, but not sure when last call is. Might want to inquire.

                        13488 Maxella Avenue, Marina Del Rey, Ca 90292

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                          I thought that was a good choice too, but OP said 11:30. Hal's is the call.

                        2. Wurstkuche Venice now serves till 1:30 Thurs-Sat. and Midnight the rest of the week.

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                            I tried going to Wurstkuche on a Friday at 12:30 AM and they said they stop serving food around midnight, but the bar is open until 1:30 AM.

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                              Thanks for passing that along….

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                                No problem. To clarify, it was a Friday night, so Saturday at 12:30 AM.

                                I also tried to go to Sunny Spot, which is open until 2 AM, but they also stop serving food at midnight.

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                                  Don't forget Santino's http://santinosrestaurants.com/ in Venice if you are stuck for late night eats in that area (at least on Fridays and Saturdays).

                          2. Tasting Kitchen in Venice goes pretty late. Very good restaurant.