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May 16, 2013 02:56 PM


A local, I've been in the market weekly or so for over 50 years, and walked past this completely unremarkable hot-dog stand across from the giant magazine rack by Delaurenti's. Never appealed enough to try even one thing ever. Buh bye.
Last week, though, as I passed that spot, I saw a new and proud proprietor in the kitchen and a little sign that modestly offered "Meatball Calzone $3.50." In my world a decent calzone will be hard to find at that price, but I crossed my fingers and ordered one anyway.
>>>An entirely serviceable zesty, meaty sandwich. Oh, yes.
I now intend to work through the entire menu and expect many more delights.

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  1. Are you calling Wonder Freeze a completely unremarkable hot-dog stand?????

    You clearly never tried their hand dipped kielbasa corn dog. RIP Wonder Freeze!

    (That meatball calzone sounds great.)

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    1. re: Lauren

      I am abject for most un-chowish expression. I can plead only that I've been blithely passing that spot for 54 years and have never once felt an impulse to investigate. Un-chowish, indeed, and apparently slow on the uptake. How did a Kielbasa corndog get away? What else did I miss?
      Btw they harvest the traffic flow in that cattle-chute, so every pair of eyes that passes goes "$3.95, really...". They'll burn through that space by fall.

      1. re: mrnelso

        Today was sliders: Meatball $3 and pulled pork $2.50 made a tasty meal. Nice baguette sections. shattering but not jagged lovely soaked in tomato sauce with the meatball. I came near closing and she subbed brisket for the pork. Nice, nice, nice. Top, top rugged flavor and tooth. I've only been twice, at odd hours, and each time a quick taste turned out to be the evening meal. This bodes well for the entrees. It just takes one cruise ship passenger, though, to blog about this Pike Place Market stop when they get home to Tokyo, and there's suddenly not room in that little booth for enough counter staff, much less cooks, for high season.

        1. re: mrnelso

          I later learned the tiny booth above has a much larger space below, where the braising is done for presentation above, on heat.

    2. Have heard very good things about the food at this stand. Thanks for reporting. That price is amazing!

      I have to get down there and try something soon:)