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May 16, 2013 02:17 PM

Your favorite bottled NM red chile?

I know, I know, it's much better if you make it yourself from scratch, but what's a really good all-purpose NM-style red chile sauce I can buy pre-made in Albuquerque? I'd prefer one with as pure a red chile pod flavor as possible (not too cumin-y or Tex-Mex chili powder-flavored, and, if possible, no flour or potato starch). Used to get Chile Grande years ago. It had three ingredients: chiles, water, salt. But they've changed their recipe a lot and it's nowhere near what it was. We liked one bottle of Rancho de los Garcias a lot, but two subsequent bottles have tasted off. Thanks for your help, Ninrn

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  1. I'm not one for bought sauces/salsas, but am glad to have found one called 'Chispa brillante', made in ABQ. I have bought it at La Montanita Co-Op in SF.

    Works well as both salsa and sauce, it has a very genuine NM red flavor, medium hot so easy to blend as you like. A quick check of ingredients does list 'spice' but I don't detect any cumin, and no thickeners.

    NM red always seems to be more or less powder-flavored, even when I've made my own from best quality pods, the 'chispa' is less so than most.

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      Thanks, Andrewtree. Sounds good. I'll try it.

    2. Love the Garcia's Red Chile sauce that is jarred. :)

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        Thanks, ChileMonster. Do you have to go to Garcia's Kitchen to get that?

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          I bought chile sauce from The Shed in Sante Fe for quite a few years - made mexican and southwestern food less time consuming to make. But, a couple of years ago I got a case that was so absurdly hot that no one could stand it. I ordered it by the case, which was pretty expensive, so an entire case of 12 bottles that were so ruinously hot was my last order with them. It was perhaps just that batch as I had been pleased with it for years. Gave it all away to a friend who likes things really hot - he is a ghost pepper fan:) I now make big batches from scratch and freeze in small pkgs. Might be worth a try.

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            Yep, keep meaning to do that but don't have the wherewithal right now and I think I'm gun-shy. When I tried making a giant batch with my sister's family several years ago, it came out pretty bad and we'd wasted all those lovely chiles. I think I saw some of The Shed bottled chile at the Nob Hill Co-op, but the flour had all settled to the bottom, and that kind of put me off. Maybe I should try it though. In all the years I've lived in NM, I've never been to The Shed, so I probably don't know what I'm missing. Thanks very much for the tip.

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   could go to one of their restaurants to buy it for sure....but I believe you can find it in some of the grocery stores in Albuquerque as well. It's really good! Try it!