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May 16, 2013 02:09 PM

Anniversary Dinner Suggestions for up in the northern hinterlands (aka the burbs)

Hi! I'm looking for some dinner suggestions for the Irving/Carrollton/Grapevine/Coppell/Lewisville/Southlake/Flower Mound general area. It's an anniversary dinner so I'd like something nice; however, one of us *ahem* doesn't own a suit or tie that's less than 15 yrs old. We'll call it sophisticated casual. Yeah. We've gone to our usual places in our nice little bubble, but I'd really like to venture out so to speak. It will be the same weekend as Main Street Days, so it would probably be best to avoid that area, or would it? Any ideas or suggestions would sure be appreciated.

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  1. If you'd be willing to do Denton, Queenie's would probably be good. New Tim Love place and the menu is pretty much identical to Woodshed in FW.

    1. Have you already been to Mi Dia? Cool River? I haven't been to Ranch at Las Colinas yet, but that might be an option ... What about Cafe on the Green? Not sure of the chef situation there currently, but I've had some pretty great food there in years past (only brunch recently).

      Hopefully one of us's wardrobe isn't holding you back ... there's not a single restaurant I've ever been to anywhere in this area where a nice shirt & slacks on a guy wouldn't fly.

      1. We went to Dino's Steak and Clawhouse in downtown Grapevine and loved it. You would have to brave Main Street Days but I wouldn't think it would be that bad and might be fun to walk around the festival before or after dinner.

        1. We have had two spectacular meals at The Ole Hickory Steakhouse in the Gaylord over the years. The first time we were shocked and just went again to celebrate our anniversary the service is the best in Dallas. My husband and I ordered and wanted to share the Lobster Bisque and a salad course in addition to our entree. Instead of bringing them together they served the soup in two separate bowls allowed us to enjoy the course and then brought the salad split. Simple but absolutely a rarity in Dallas from my experience. We certainly were surprised at how close the restaurant is and the quality of the dinner. My steak far surpassed Papas Bros which I always thought of as one of the best.