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May 16, 2013 12:53 PM

Kids & Old Friends & Good Beer (& Food!)

We will be in downtown Baltimore Friday evening to take the oldest kid to her senior prom at M&T Field. We intend to hang around the area and eat and hang out until we pick her up later that evening. I have two old college friends coming into town that intend to meet us there at the same time. We also have the younger sister (15) in tow with us. The old college friends will want a cool place to relax and have some decent beers and something enjoyable and non fancy to eat. Ideally we would hit a tavern or pub in Fells Point (Max's, Duda's, Cooper's, places like that are usually where we go) but the younger sister cant get into bars (obviously) and doesnt like "weird" food. And Im not looking to drop too much cash on food for the 6 of us. So any recommendations for places that are primarily taverns but serve good food if not fancy food and let in kids on a Friday night? Dont want to have to go to Applebees...

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