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May 16, 2013 12:17 PM

Rome party of 15 . . . impossibile?

Help! I called a few restaurants (Da Enzo al 29 and Osteria Barberini) and they don't take reservations for 15 people. Can anyone recommend some good restaurants that will reserve a table for our large family? We will be in Rome the second week of July.

Also, our first night there will be my husband's birthday. I wanted to have pre-dinner drinks on the roof of Minerve Grand Hotel and then walk over to Renato e Luisa for dinner. I sent them both an email requesting a reservation and neither one has replied yet. Does this mean they are not interested?

I would be grateful for suggestions. Doesn't have to be fancy, just good food!

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  1. I don't think it's impossible but restaurants in Italy rarely take reservations so much in advance from people they don't know. I suggest to ask the managment of your accommodation to call them on your behalf. In a city like Rome a meal for 15 people should be easy.

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      thank you for your reply. I did send an email to my hotel asking for help but did not get a reply from them either. It is a reputable establishment near the US Embassy, not some sketchy hotel. I think you are right, perhaps I am being a bit of an eager beaver and should just wait till closer to the time. i was just worried that since we are such a large group we wouldn't get in if we didn't book early enough. Thanks again.

    2. i think you'll probably do better via phone - we ate at renato e luisa on a recent trip and really enjoyed it. in fact it was the place i thought of when i read the title of your post about 15 people (its a fairly large space - the main room was anyway, we were seating in the slightly smaller back room, still fairly spacious but we live in NYC so everything seems spacious)

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        Glad to hear you liked Renato e Luisa. The reviews and photos I have seen of their food sound/look so delicious. I am sooo looking forward to eating there! Any other suggestions for large groups would be welcomed! I am thinking I may just have to book four tables under separate names. I totally understand why smaller restaurants would be worried about holding tables for large parties from out of town but I would never book and not show up.

      2. I agree, that you may be jumping the gun a bit with the reservations. Most simple restaurants will not take reservations this far in advance.

        Although I love it, I think Renato e Luisa probably isn't the best choice for a group your size. Instead, I would suggest one of the following:

        Gigetto - They have a huge back room, which could easily accomodate your group. This is located in the Jewish Ghetto, and is not too expensive

        Pompiere - a bit more upscale than Gigetto, but with more or less the same hearty Roman food. This is located on the piano nobile (second floor ) of Palazzo Cenci, and has three lofty rooms that are perfect for big groups.

        Vino e Camino - A bit more 'creative' , and akin to Renato e Luisa.

        Pierluigi: If you'd like to splurge a bit, this is the most expensive of the bunch. But you are also paying for a drop dead gorgeous location on Piazza Ricci. Maybe that is the perfect answer?

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          Wow, thank you for all the great recommendations. I will definitely check them all out. I love your app btw :)

        2. Since you want to have drinks at the Minerve (by the way, I LOVE having drinks up there on the roof), I'll suggest that you see if Amando al Pantheon would be an option for you. The night I was there 2 weeks ago, there were two parties of 10 in there at the same time. If they could do that, I imagine a party of 15 would be doable. Armando is just maybe a block away, from the Minerve it would be on the street to the left of the Pantheon.

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            Armando officially refuses to accept parties bigger than 8, though sometimes (regulars?) they will accept 10. I don't think 15 will work (is a great place if it works, though!)

            1. re: vinoroma

              Oh well... I put it out there, based on what I saw.

            2. re: chowing kat

              This restaurant looks great! And it's close proximity to the Minerve is perfect. I might be sneaky and try to book two tables for the same night. Thank you for the recommendation.

            3. Success! I finally received an email reply from Renato e Luisa. Very excited and happy they can accommodate us. Now I only need to find two more places for dinner. Thank you to everyone who replied to my post.