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What's your favorite Chinese restaurant IN the San Gabriel Valley and what do you order from there ?

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Obviously, price is no object and it can be fancy or a hole in the wall, etc.

Also, please detail your favorite dishes there.


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  1. Mine is Shanghai Restaurant on the second floor of the Ranch 99 plaza. I like several dishes there, including the seaweed fried fish and everything they do with tofu.

    1. J&J (Jin Jiang): XLB; pork chop; I vaguely recall ordering the fried tofu there and enjoying it
      JYTH: lamb noodle soup (knife cut); cat's ears; scallion pancakes

      1. Hunan Mao - Spicy Fish Head
        Beijing Pie House - those juicy pies, beef or lamb
        Knife Cut noodles - JYTH
        Shufeng Garden - Water Boiled Fish
        Mei Long V. - Lamb's Head Meatball
        101 Noodle XPress - boiled dumplings, beef roll

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          Shufeng Garden - also Dan Dan Mein

          1. Sea Harbour - French style bbq pork buns

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              Who would've thunk it. I would've never guessed.

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                Yes, but with a rotation of 6,000 it's a long time between v isits

            2. 101 Noodle Express - Beef Roll
              Chang's Garden - Pork Spareribs Wrapped in Lotus Leaves
              Dean Sin World - XLB
              Huge Tree Pastry - Shao Bing w/ Beef & Pickled Cabbage
              JTYH - Lamb Noodle Soup

              And if it counts:

              Newport Seafood - House Special Lobster

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                Ah, how could I forget the beef roll? +1 for that....

              2. FFY Noodle House - Zha Jiang Mian and Fish Ball Soup
                Sam Woo - Wonton Soup, Beef Chow Fun, Salted Fish and chicken fried rice, Fish fillet Congee
                Newport Seafood- House Special Lobster and Beef Loc Lac
                Huge Tree - Gua Bao
                Four Sea- Zong Zi
                Qing Dao - Fish Dumpling
                Din Tai Fung - Chicken Soup
                Sea Harbor - Any Dim Sum item
                Dean Sin World- XLB, Crab Shell Pastries

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