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May 16, 2013 10:52 AM

Where to eat during the Bushwick Open Studios?

I need to find a couple of places spaced out across this art crawl.
I only know of one so far. I know I'm going to need more breaks for sweets and drinks if I'm going to last the whole day.

I went to Bushwick Fireproof for an art event I smelled the burger of heaven.

I had to go back for another art event and in the back of mind I wasn't thinking, "Oh, I'll see some good art." I was thinking, "Oh, I can finally get that burger!"

It was superb.
This is an excellent burger. It came with avocado and jalapeno and was perfectly cooked on bun that was fresh (I've been getting a lot of dried out buns elsewhere lately). The fries were perfection. The optional salad was arugula with balsamic and salt in just the right proportions.

The prices were very reasonable price.

Sitting outside at the picnic tables on a lovely evening was delightful.

I drug my husband out there and he usually hates leaving his routine -- come home, go to local place, watch Big Bang Theory -- but he really had a great time. He completely enjoyed himself.

The art event was the Bushwick Artists Crit Group and it's a slide-jpg show with the artist explaining their work and taking questions. It was completely entertaining.

Outside they had the waterfall rain swing sculpture.

So we had dinner and a show for two + three beers and three top shelf drinks for $60.

It was a wonderful night.

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  1. Are you looking for restaurant suggestions, or just bars? Restaurants are going to be a challenge, because the two obvious alternatives to Roberta's--Dear Bushwick and 983 Bushwick's Living Room--are both small, and can be hard to get into even when there isn't an arts festival going on.

    Dear Bushwick has pleasant food--terrines and sausage rolls--if you can get in. A few blocks up the hill from there (away from the galleries), Miles on Wilson has an inexpensive bar menu (sliders, cheese, charcuterie, usually one entree like a shepherd's pie or pasta); evenings only. I like the Dominican-style chimi burger at Burger It Up.

    I don't recommend Olive Valley (falafel joint on Bogart), or Momo Sushi Shack.

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      Thanks for this info which I am cutting and pasting immediately into my planner.

    2. The original comment has been removed