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May 16, 2013 10:13 AM

Homebrew Store in Queens

Hey Chowhounders,

I've tried searching the board and using the Google machine and only found one store (Homebrew Too), but I hear it's tiny. The good news about it is that I live in Rego Park so it's just a short bus ride away, but does anyone know a good store in Queens? I don't have a car and I already know about Whole Foods 2nd Ave and places in Brooklyn like Brooklyn Kitchen, Brooklyn Homebrew, Bitter & Esters, and Brooklyn Brew Shop. Does Goodbrewing exist? Please help out because my building doesn't accept deliveries and it's annoying mailing brewing supplies to the office and lugging it home.


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  1. There's a hydroponics store on Horace Harding, just past Main St. From RP, its a short ride on the Q88. The sign says it carries homebrew supplies, but I haven't shopped there myself.

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      Yes, I know that one. That's "Homebrew Too", which I mentioned above. Reviews say it's pretty awful with bad service and a poor selection. I'll probably just check it out if I need something common and last-minute.

      1. re: thefoie

        It has a very small selection. Mostly kits and the standard stuff, no specialty ingredients. The usual hops and grains and equipment.