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May 16, 2013 10:08 AM

Anyone Been to La Caza Club in Tijuana?

Hearing great things about this place, though from newspaper articles not Chowhounders....has anybody been?....I've been to Mision 19 and wondering how this place compares from a food and cost perspective. Any dishes not to miss--their pork chop looks amazing. Thanks.

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  1. I have not visited., but here is a review from San Diego Red:

    1. Do you know if there is a website? I can't seem to find one to take a look at the menu.

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          I emailed to make a reservation a couple of weeks ago and asked for a menu. Below is a copy of it. We talked to one of the partners while eating the starters. He said they will be expanding the menu in a next few weeks with some more dishes. We had a table of 6 and ordered the pulpo and panucho. Those were a great start. 3 people ordered the fish and 3 ordered the short ribs. All 3 pieces of fish were over cooked and the short ribs were really fatty. Desserts were good and not too sweet (just how I like them). We were disappointed in most of our meal. They do allow BYOB and they charge $150 MX for corkage per bottle. I think they discount if you have more than one since we had 2 bottles and charged only $270 MX total.


          Panucho de pato
          Tradicional panucho, servido con pato a las brazas.

          Almeja gratinada a las brasas
          Gratinada con queso real del castillo y tocino.

          Tártara de pesca del día
          Jugo de soya y serrano, servido con tostadas.
          85 mn

          Ceviche de almeja en su concha
          Jugo de tomate, pepino persa, chile serrano y aguacate.
          40 mn

          Pulpo a las brasas
          cremoso de aguacate, chicharrón y emulsión de achiote en un limoneta de cilantro.


          Ensalada de vegetales del valle de Guadalupe
          Variedad de vegetales a la parrilla servida con salsa romesco.

          Ensalada de pera
          Lechugas mixtas, vinagreta de pera, almendra caramelizada y queso de cabra rancho 34 .

          Ensalada de tomates
          Tomates heirloom servidos con albahaca, queso real del castillo.

          Platillo fuerte

          Pasta del Dia
          (Costo Variable según ingredientes del Dia)

          Pechuga de pollo de granja
          Servida con risotto.

          Chuleta de Cerdo Sonorense
          En Chirmole a la leña, servida con ensalada de arugula, rabano sandia y chicharo en vaina.

          Costilla cargada braseada 8 horas
          Servida en su jugo.
          200 mn

          Rib Eye sonorense
          A las brasas servido con mantequilla de queso añejo puré de papa con ajo rostizado y vegetales a las brasas.

          Pesca del día
          (Costo Variable según ingredientes del Dia)


          Reinterpretación de Reeses
          Cremoso de chocolate y helado de crema de cacahuate.

          Plátanos con crema
          Plátano macho, helado de crema de Michoacán y tierra de canela.

          1. re: exbauer

            Thanks for posting your experience. They've been open a while I'm somewhat surprised their menu is this simplistic at this point

            Current exchange rate is 12.95 pesos per dollar. So your corkage was $20 for both bottles?

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              Thanks....I ended up eating there 2 weekends ago. I ordered the pork chop and was very pleased. Came with mixed greens. I did have a stomach problem, however, that I believe was with the 3 spicey salsas they bring out that accompanies spicey tortilla shells that they brought out as well. Without getting into too much detail, went right through while I had to run back and forth between the border crossing line and restroom on the TJ side of the border 3 times. Thrown in a 2 hour wait at 8:30PM, means I will give La Caza Club another shot (while avoiding the spicey salsas) but not on a weekend....I have a feeling if the pork had done this to me or if I got food poisining, I would not have been walking the next few days.

        2. I have been to La Caza Club a few times and totally recommend it! The food is great, the ambiance is great. I strongly recommend that you make a reservation, especially if you plan on going Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. My favorite dish on the menu is without a doubt the octopus appetizer. Their tomato salad is also great. Cheers!