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how do you eat your grits?

my ex wife, the know it all, always made fun of me and claimed I was not a true Southerner because my favorite way to eat my grits was with butter and sugar.
my mom eats hers with salt, pepper, and soy sauce!
how do you eat your grits?

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  1. Butter and a fried egg on top. Takes me back to grade school breakfasts.

    1. On their own with butter, salt, and lots of black pepper or the addition of cut-up runny yolk eggs mixed in. Cheese grits are nice, too. Shrimp & grits is in a class by itself. Grits are good!

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        With you on all fronts, thought I prefer my eggs poached. Oh, and they're good with striped bass, too.

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          A big pot of slow-cooked grits. Onto a plate to cool just a bit. Topped with two poached eggs and Crystal.

          If I'm feeling particularly indulgent, half water and half milk, for the liquid and some type of cheese folded in, at the end.

          I have found that Boursin, with any of the herb/garlic combinations, is wonderful.

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          Oh yes. I have been a grits lover forever. Grits were a family weekend breakfast. My mom was a teacher and did not have time in the mornings.

          General Mills or Kellog's did a survey at the school she was teaching in, in Savannah, Ga. They (which ever one it was) wanted to know what the kids ate for breakfast. They all ate grits.

        3. with shredded cheddar, butta, sliced scallions, a bit of garlic powder, Crystal hot sauce, salt and pepper. Heaven in a bowl.

          1. For breakfast....butter, salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

            For dinner.....a take on Shrimp & Grits using the recipe for Maverick Grits from SNOB in Charleston.

            For grits:
            4 cups water
            1/2 teaspoon salt
            2 tablespoons unsalted butter
            1 cup old-fashioned stone-ground grits
            1/4 cup heavy cream

            For topping:
            1 1/2 chorizo links (spicy pork sausage), cut into 1/4-inch-thick slices
            4 ounces country ham, cut into julienne strips
            2 tablespoons unsalted butter
            8 medium sea scallops
            12 medium shrimp, peeled, and deveined if desired
            2 tomatoes, peeled, seeded, and chopped
            1/4 cup sliced scallion
            1/4 teaspoon minced garlic
            Pinch of Cajun seasoning
            1/4 cup water

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              o.k. fourunder, you got me psyched now to make this! So i'm going to share my (the ultimate in decadence) recipe with you. ('cept it's not MY recipe, as you'll see):

              Rich indeed:

              Adapted from Cucina Simpatica

              1 STICK UNSALTED BUTTER (don't need this much)

              2 T. MINCED GARLIC

              2 C. CHICKEN STOCK( or Beef)

              6 C. HALF AND HALF ( or 3 c. milk plus 3 c. heavy cream)

              2 ½ c. WATER

              2 tsp. kosher salt

              12-plus turns of pepper grinder

              1 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes


              ( Anson Mills is the very best and worth the expense)

              Pinch Sugar


              In butter, sautee garlic over low heat til golden. Add stock through pepper flakes;

              bring to low boil. Slowly whisk in grits, stirring constantly to avoid lumps.With a wooden paddle ,keep stirring over low boil, til very thick and creamy( about 20 min.).

              Adjust seasonings, add sugar and parm.

              I freeze this in saran pillows, to be defrosted and reheated in the microwave.

              Just like new!

            2. <I was not a true Southerner because my favorite way to eat my grits was with butter and sugar.>

              How should a true Southerner do it? I eat mine with butter and salt, possibly with ground black pepper.

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                according to her a true Southerner eats his grits with butter and salt and pepper. But you have to remember, this is the same ex wife who thought she was gourmet because she ate couscous.

              2. any way I can get 'em. LOL

                love, love, love shrimp and grits - altho I haven't had near enough samples... :)

                grits with butter, a nicely runny egg and salt and pepper... with a side of sausage.

                1. Topped with Fire Engine - a Bahamian corned beef skillet dish. Googles easily. Delish.

                  1. First time I EVER had grits was in south on family "roadtrip" to FLorida... back in 60's... before there were any big "attractions" at all. I was 12 and brother was 9 and apparently TOO CUTE to waitresses along the way with his put-on southern accent... he was my annoying little brother, go figure.

                    Anytime we stopped for breakfast, OF COURSE, grits were on menu. Had NEVER had them back up in SE PA, but liked them immediately.

                    Fast forward MANY years... when first introduced to polenta! Cousin's husbands b-day meal was an expeerience. His mother had a son and SIL busy at stove. One watching "gravy"... loaded with all kinds of meat. One with the polenta "stick" stirring constantly. When polenta was done, poured out onto "polenta boards"... maybe 3X3? The meat and gravy was liberally applied to top and you just had at it. GREAT experience!

                    Picturing it "southern style"... grits with pulled pork on top or smothered shrimp, or crawfish??

                    Polenta or grits... it's ALL good!

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                      you inspire me to come up with a southern version of smothered polenta.

                    2. With butter, salt, lots of pepper
                      With egg and greens
                      Cheesy grits
                      And every once in awhile, grits with tupelo honey.

                      1. I started a love/ hate grits thread a while ago. I love them with butter salt and pepper and won't say no to cheese. Fried gggs on top and a side of sausage and maple syrup to dip. Oh and well done white toast to dip and scoop the egg, grits combo. Mmmmmmmmmm

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                            You found it. Weeee. I can't figure out how to post the threads from my tablet

                        1. Chopped roasted green chilis and shredded cheese and a touch of butter.

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                            Totally with you on this one...also green chilies and goat cheese.

                          2. I saute onion and a leeeetle bit of garlic until translucent, add grits and cream and then add sharp cheddar at the end. Topped with butter, fresh bacon bits and an over easy egg on the side, it's heaven. If Im making shrimp and grits, I do it the same way, cooking the shrimp in the leftover bacon grease and then add some fresh chopped green scallions and diced tomatoes on top. Oh, and Frank's Red Hot, of course!

                            1. salt, fresh ground black pepper, butter and I like them gelatinous. No watery, loose grits for me

                              1. A similar "grits" thread on Chowhound in 2012 got us experimenting... Crockpot overnight grits recipe. Our liquid of choice was chicken broth and it gave a wonderful flavor. We now make it with less liquid than a recipe might call for because my wife wants a batch that can be scooped like a scoop of ice cream. I added sage to the recipe, since my wife wanted it to remind her of stuffing. We had grits like this in a restaurant overlooking the Nantahala River in North Carolina- a great memory in itself (and southern, right?). We're pretty close to replicating the recipe in our own kitchen. Delicious!!! Florida Hound

                                1. Seems like there's a lottta love for shrimp and grits. For those who might be interested, this is by far the bast version I've ever had: http://ansonmills.com/recipes/459?rec...

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                                    Those Anson Mills "Antebellum Coarse Grits" are fantastic!

                                  2. I use Anson Mills stone ground grits. They are the heirloom corn, full germ, long cooking grits that I store in the freezer.

                                    Butter, salt & pepper. Sometimes I make Awendaw, it is kind of a grits spoon bread. Delicious with roasts.

                                    1. With canned Hormel beanless chili on top.

                                      1. I like to drizzle in a little hot bacon grease with plenty of meat particles, then throw on some grated sharp cheddar and a splash of tabasco ( the green type is best). This certainly makes me NOT a southerner, but that's the way I like it.

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                                          Oh my does that sound good. I think I'd like to add some sautéed greens to that.

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                                            Nothing about that strikes me as being not southern.

                                            @ debbiel: Collard greens and grits are one of my favorite combinations. On the side that is, I wouldn't mix them except as I was eating.

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                                              I would probably pile the greens on top when I served up my meal. And I'd probably use beet greens. Because I love beets and hence have ridiculous amounts of beet greens to deal with all farmers market season. :)

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                                              I like bacon creamed gravy over biscuits. I'll bet it would also be real good on grits.

                                            3. I'm a Southerner. Growing up grits were always savory - never treated as a sweet item. Oatmeal was the hot breakfast which was sweetened and served with milk. We used jam or stewed fruit.

                                              I never heard of cream of wheat until I was an adult.

                                              There was also an unspoken view that only a Yankee (meaning non-Southerner) ate their grits as a sweet cereal...

                                              1. My favorite way has always bee with just butter and salt.

                                                This week I made some picadillo & realized I had no rice in the house...grits saved the day, as a perfect accompaniment underneath spoonfuls of the picadillo. It was miles better than it ever was with rice.

                                                1. Usually with a fork, but sometimes a spoon if they are somewhat thin.

                                                  1. That's how Mrs. Sippi eats them. I dare your ex to tell her she's not southern.

                                                    I don't like them plain all that much. I top with something like, say, shrimp.

                                                    Otherwise, I add things like cheese, roasted garlic, andouille or some combination there of.

                                                    Some grits are almost inedible plain. Others, like a good quality stone ground grit, have a nice corny flavour. They don't need much help.


                                                    1. Made with Velveeta cheese and garlic power.

                                                      1. With a spoon.

                                                        Any which way I can get them.

                                                        1. I meant to point this out in my other post.

                                                          There's a place called Truelove's Pizza and Grits in Columbia, Tn. Their house grits would best be described as Rotel Cheese Grits. Spicy, cheesy, tomatoey and down right tasty.
                                                          Terrific pizza as well.


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                                                            Is the Rotelness and cheese cooked into the grits or is it a sauce on top?

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                                                                Very good. I've been on a kick lately of expanding our consumption of grits in meals other than "normal" breakfast.

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                                                              At some point the grits just become the vehicle for delivering all that cheese and spice.

                                                              But then the last time I made Indian pudding (New England baked cornmeal pudding), I realized that it is primarily a vehicle for delivering molasses and ginger flavor. :)

                                                            2. Grit's if I have to eat them alone, salt & pepper, butter and tobasco.

                                                              Rarely do I ever just have grits, it's generally part of a full "southern" breakfast for my father, which consists of eggs, biscuits, bacon, sausage, and good ole' sausage gravy. Smoother everything with that gravy. I generally keep a crash cart close to the kitchen table because a breakfast like this can send you into cardiac arrest. "CLEAR"

                                                              1. this may sound wierd.. but I stir in a sauce that it kind of like a mustard cheese sauce. I make a rue then add some cream and dijon and some beemster cheese white pepper and salt
                                                                stir it into the grits

                                                                1. With hot sauce, gravy or just plain. I love grits.

                                                                  1. We make stone ground grits with bacon, scrambled eggs and plenty of shredded cheddar and fresh ground pepper in it.

                                                                    1. I'm from the north (Michigan) and like grits with maple syrup! I am in the sweet grits category, like the OP. My grandmother was from northern Ohio and ate hominy with sugar.

                                                                      1. Tablespoon butter and sugar to taste

                                                                        1. I make a copycat of the Chi Chi's / El Torito's sweet Mexican corn cakes that is really grits. I make it from scratch, in a microwave, in 15 minutes.

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                                                                          1. re: Antilope

                                                                            recipe? I looooove those corn cakes!

                                                                          2. Soy sauce? Sugar? Abominations! I go with a shitload of each butter, salt, and pepper

                                                                            1. I was raised part of my life in VA w/ a VA mom and New Orl. dad. Neither of them grew up eating grits, just fyi. They ate hushpuppies and fried cornbread but no grits.
                                                                              As an adult , i love grits/polenta, which i make happily w/ Anson Mills white cornmeal which i think makes all the difference in the world. And my grits always have milk and stock in their liquid, and cheese (usually a good Parm-Reg) and often sauteed shiitakes or chanterelles.

                                                                              I don't think they are healthy compared to other whole grains- for breakfast- so i don't eat sweet bkfst grits.

                                                                              1. With butter, Salt and Pepper. Scampi style shrimp atop grits is also hard to beat.