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May 16, 2013 08:02 AM

Cooking For Highschoolers?

Any suggestions? My high-school age sister is having a potluck-style banquet tomorrow night & has asked me to make a dessert for her to bring. There's no food "theme" (the event itself is the 80s).
The only problem is deciding what to make. She's told me "nothing fancy", but, when I asked her what was considered informal enough, she just said "none of your gourmet crap".

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  1. My mother often made a dessert called "Dirt Cake" back when I was in high school (early 90s) - it was VERY popular with my agemates, and absolutely NOT gourmet. Basically, it's crushed Oreos layered with pudding and Cool Whip. Here's a recipe - I think my mom used half chocolate pudding for more visual interest in the layers.

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        LOL! There is just something about this dessert that screams 1980s to me!

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        I second the Dirt Cake. My daughter always took it to school parties. Kids and adults really enjoy it. Never any leftovers

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          Chocolaty with minimum effort - I like it. Thanks. :)

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            Forgot to mention in my pp that when my mother made dirt cake, she put Kahlua in it. No wonder the high schoolers loved it. Pretty sure she'd get arrested for that today....

          2. Something with some kitsch like dirt cake or that Robert Redford dessert?
            Wait...would they know who Robert Redford is?

            Ho ho cake? Cupcakes? Pretty hard to go wrong with teenagers and sugar.

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              Change the name to better than "Brad Pitt" or better than Robert Pattinson (the guy from Twilight). They'll get it. But a very good suggestion.

            2. Try Dorie Greenspan's chipster topped brownies (chocolate chip cookie dough baked over brownie batter. Huge hit w/ that crowd.

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                How could it not be? That sounds delicious (and I'm not even a dessert fiend).

              2. How about a make-your-own-ice-cream-sundae bar? You could provide homemade hot fudge sauce, wet walnuts, brownies, whipped cream, and a few great ice creams.

                1. When my son's HS friends come for dinner, ice cream sandwiches made with homemade chocolate chip cookies are a huge hit. I put a scoop of softened vanilla Hagan Dazs vanilla ice cream on one cookie, and then press the other one on top. If you press a little harder, you can roll the edges in mini chocolate chips. Wrap the ice cream sandwiches in plastic wrap, and freeze until hard.