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May 16, 2013 07:40 AM

Indian Food South Beach

There seems to be many Italian restaurants in South Beach, but looking for something different. Thanks!

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  1. There has never been great Indian food in south beach in the last 25 years that I have been here.Problem is they have to dumb down their food to a local population that can't handle spice.Try thali around 8th and washinton(Indian and Thai,with an Indian lunch buffet,),or guru on 12th st between washington and Collins if you must .Always has been a mystery to me that south beach can support good Thai restaurants,but not top notch Indian.And this is from someone who has been to India twice ,spending 4 months total there.

    1. If you want something different, try indomania (which is indonesian not indian).

      1. Between Thali and Guru, choose Guru. Neither is great. If you want the best (north) Indian in S. Florida, go to "Bombay Darbar" in Coconut Grove. For the best south Indian, head to the Sunrise/Lauderdale area.

        1. if u can drive up to palm beach, check out pelican in lake worth....
          best indian (more north indian) in florida....

          folks drive south from orlando all the time, and i try to make it there from weston....