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Vintage Toronto Restaurant Photos


Thought I had to share.
(Thank you Vintage Toronto!)

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    1. Love this!!!

      Many great memories of growing up (and eating, of course) in T.O.
      Thanks happycamper!

        1. wonderful....thanks for sharing.

          So happy The Noshery made it in :)

            1. Wow what memories and you gotta love those prices

              1. One of the best posts in a while. So many memories and so much history. Loved pic 203, first place my parents ever took me for dim sum, and loved the cover of the Kwongchow menu...talking noodles!!!!!!!!!

                1. Check in - they're still adding more. That site's like a wormhole....not just resto's but lots more. There's also a set of bars/pubs worth looking at. Hours of entertainment/nostalgia.

                  1. Wow. Thanks for that happycamper!

                    Swiss Chalet = "charcoal broiled chicken"? Really? My how times have changed.

                    Anyone notice the FOTOMAT beside Yitz's?

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                    1. re: scarberian

                      Wow, I totally forgot about that FOTOMAT. That's right, there used to be one there....

                      Also one at NE corner of Bathurst/Eglinton :)