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May 16, 2013 05:16 AM

Stockholm - Coffee/Beer/Food Tips?

Hi all,

I am off to Stockholm next weekend and am keen to experience all good things it has to offer. I have had a quick look through the board and not a huge amount jumping out at me, I have done some other research though and have a short list of places that I want to visit, any additional recommendations would be much appreciated

Coffee - Drop, Kura, Snickarbacken 7, Mean and Johan&Nyströms
Beer - Pubologi, Akkurat, Oliver Twist, Bishop Arms (various), Brewdog (possibly)
Food - Flying Elk (Not going to Frantzen, unfortunately priced me out)

As you can see I am not doing to bad on the first two, but distinctly lacking food thoughts. Am keen to try traditional Swedish along with some of the more modern Scandinavian places/styles. More than happy to eat at lunch to keep costs down (have self catered for dinner if needs be) and also to eat none trad Swedish if they do anything else particularly well in the city.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I'm not a Stockholm expert but was there last fall and really enjoyed the food halls scattered through the city. Our favourite was Östermalmstorg, it had a ton of places to eat or pick up food to go in addition to standard produce vendors. Everything we tried here was good, but the various smogasbords were our favourite. The Hötorgshallen food hall was closer to our hotel and a bit more "everyday", great seafood salads to go, little delis with mezes, bakeries and anything else needed to build a meal.

    Söderhallarna was a little further away from our hotel than the others and we only found it by mistake when we went for dinner at the Melanders Fisk location in this food hall. Melanders was excellent and worth the visit.

    One thing to note about the food halls is they close pretty early, by 5 or 6pm most days. You want to get to them earlier in the day to stock up.

    I'm not much help on coffee or beer places.

    Here's my trip report from last year, the later half is Stockholm - .

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      Many thanks for the tips, I think food halls may be the way forward for trying a lot of the local produce I want to. Actually staying in Ostermalm so that should allow easy access to the hall there.