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So you have a boneless skinless chicken breast, already grilled

Only seasoned with salt & pepper. It's been in the fridge for a couple days, so it's cold.

What would you do with it?

Edit to add: That's not just throwing it on top of a salad.

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  1. 1) Dice, add ff mayo, mustard and my BIL's homemade relish to make chicken salad filling for sandwich.

    2) Dice and make cheater pot pie in an 8x8 dish, adding cream of potato soup, frozen mixed veg and some sage for the filling, topping with a half-roll of crescent roll dough (make rolls with the other half), or use puff pastry to top.

    3) Make chicken gyro, using pita or Naan bread, and homemade cucumber/yogurt sauce.

    1. Having had one of those just two days ago, I sliced it up and combined it with other leftovers. Happily, my other leftovers included cooked rice and frozen peas and corn. I spiced up my fried rice with some garam masala and at the very end added the juice of a half lime that was also destined for the trash if I didn't use it. It was delicious.

      1. Slice and saute with garlic, olives, capers, halved cherry tomatoes. Toss with hot pasta, some cheese, and butter. Grind of pepper; maybe a squeeze of lemon.

        Quick soup: Cook quinoa in a 4x volume of chicken stock with chopped onion. Add finely diced chicken and handful of frozen peas. Heat through. Garnish with lemon zest.

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          Yep on both! I also use leftover chunks of chicken, pork, and beef often in a pseudo Bolognese. The other night I converted half a pork tender into a cross between carne guisada and pork al pastor...don't see why you couldn't do the same with chicken.

        2. Sandwich! Hard roll, fresh mozz, roasted pepper, basil, balsamic vinegar. Can sub grilled sourdough, sundried tomato and pesto instead.

          Panini! Swiss cheese, ham, arugula, flavored mustard or cranberry chutney.


          1. Dice or shred. Toss it with jerk, thai peanut or spicy bbq sauce and use it as a pizza topping with appropriate veg and herb.

            1. Another vote for panini.

              Or saute some peppers and onions, slice the chicken breast and throw it in the pan to heat it up, and make fajitas.

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                The fajitas might have to be the winner winner chicken dinner. I really don't want to go to the store after work (the store near my house is a nightmare during "witching hour" since it's mostly families in my area) and I have some already sliced bell pepper and red onions I could use for that. I do my weekly shopping on Friday/Saturday so the cupboards are pretty bare, especially the produce drawer. I had something else planned out to make but it just doesn't sound appealing to me anymore.

                I love all the other ideas though, especially the pizza or a really great sandwich. I just don't keep pizza dough or bread on hand :) As the weather heats up I'm going to be looking for more ideas along these lines.

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                  Spare tortillas make an excellent "pizza" bottom, especially if you are in a hurry.

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                    Fajitas are a staple in this house, especially when I don't feel like going to the market. I almost always have flour tortillas, peppers, onions and cheese, and I usually throw in some canned refried beans (Amy's) to add some fiber. Nobody complains about dinner on fajita nights.

                2. sauté some peppers, corn, tomatoes, zucchini, onions, add sliced chicken until warm. Wrap up in a warmed tortilla with some cheese or crema.

                  1. I always grill extra chicken breasts to have on hand for work day lunches. I make something similar to macrobiotic bowls plus diced chicken to amp up the protein. Most often quinoa, greens, and other veggies I have on hand that need to be used up. A dab of vinaigrette and it's good to go. Frozen edamame or sundried tomatoes are nice additions too (not together)

                    1. Julie... from this month's COTM (Mexican Everyday/Rick Bayless):
                      Chipotle Chicken Salad Tacos with Avocado, Red Skin Potatoes, and Romaine, Pg. 200. Delicious!

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                        Yeah I don't like avocado or lettuce (especially romaine) too much.

                        Taco salad is one of my least favorite things to eat on the planet, so when I saw those I flipped right on past. :) I appreciate the suggestion though.

                      2. diced on a corn tortilla with refried beans, salsa and cheese. heated on a skillet to warm everything and crisp the tortilla.

                        chicken salad

                        chicken pot pie

                          1. Shred it well in a food processor. Add to a cream gravy seasoned with salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder and celery seed. Serve over your favorite toasted bread product.

                            1. I'd make grilled chicken salad out of it with a combo of mayo and spicy mustard, celery salt, cumin and yellow curry powder and enjoy it rolled inside of warmed lavash bread.

                              1. I often have the same thing in my fridge-I like to bake a few breasts at a time to have in salads, etc for the rest of the week. One thing I LOVE to do is dice it up, and put it in a skillet with either BBQ or buffalo sauce-if it's BBQ, I'll put it on a roll or hamburger bun, maybe with a little coleslaw and pepper rings, and have a sort of sloppy joe. The buffalo I just like by itself-I might steam some carrots or something, just to round out the meal (it makes or a very orange dinner though!) That way, I get my buffalo wing fix, but with a ton less calories!