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May 15, 2013 06:18 PM

Sonoma Day Trip in August! A simple 8-hour journey...

Can I get some great recommendations for stops on a 1-day SF to Sonoma day trip? Love to hear about some great shops, lunch options and, of course, vineyards to visit. Thanks!

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  1. This:



    There's plenty more threads... is there a specific type of wine you re looking for? Let us know if you have further questions

    1. It's going to take you about 90 minutes each way to go and come. Are you including that travel time in your 8 hours? I know it's doable as a day trip, but so much more comfortable to stay overnight and return the next day.

      6 hours doesn't give you much time for "shopping, eating, wine tasting."

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        90 minutes? Depends when you leave and where you are going. If you leave by 10 am, to get to Ram's Gate (south most point of the Sonoma wine tasting region) takes under an hour. It you arrive at 11 am, the itinerary is pretty easy:

        @ 11 am - Taste at Ram's Gate
        @ 12:30 Pm - Lunch near the Sonoma Square ( Boon fly cafe, El dorado kitchen etc.). Make reservations!
        @ 1:30 pm - wander around the square (there's a few book shops/cute stores but it's not like St. Helena)
        @ 2:30/3:00 pm - Taste at Artesa (for architecture/grounds) or Domaine Carneros (for sparkling)
        @4:00/4:30 pm - Taste at one more (if your party is up for it)
        @5:30/6 pm - Head home.

        Make appts at wineries where you can. It's much more relaxing to have a dedicated space then being jammed in at the tasting counter.

        1. re: goldangl95

          Is there a second Boon Fly? The one I went to is good 15 minute drive away from the square but only 1 mile from Domaine Carneros.

          1. re: wolfe

            Ah! Didn't mean to imply that any of these you could walk from one to the other (though you could ride bikes). Also it was just a sample itinerary to illustrate how a day trip would work. There's a lot of room to do things differently.

            1. re: goldangl95

              It was just I couldn't see the Sonoma Square wander with the Boon Fly lunch.
              An hour at Ram's Gate with lunch at Boon Fly or Fremont Diner then Artesia or other nearby tasting room and Domaine Carneros then home. I can't see time for shops but my DW has a black belt in shopping and that takes awhile.