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May 15, 2013 06:06 PM

Fresh Made Chimichurri

Pleased to find a local source for fresh made Chimichurri-so fresh & tasty that the container lasted less than 24 hrs.

Yes I know I can make it myself but lately the kitchen here has been under siege so prepared is best.

The spicy version from East West Market 4169 Main St retails for less than $3 for a small container and is made by the Peruvian owner in-house.

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  1. Is it the parsley (green) version or the mostly dried herbs (reddish) one?

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    1. East West Market is a small gem in that part of Main, actually.

      I don't like, nor shop, at Nesters, so as far as a 'comprehensive' grocery stores go, Main St is extremely under-served (for me at least) south of 13th Ave where IGA is.

      FWIW I don't buy the meats at East West when I'm in that area, but of course Windsor Meats is just across the road :-)