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May 15, 2013 04:39 PM

First Time Trip & Birthday Dinner

Very excited to visit for the first time at the end of May to celebrate my 33rd bday. Looking for recs for my Bday dinner a more casual dinner and lunch places. For dinner i was thinking Commander's Palace, Arnaud's, or Galatoire's? Looking for a classic NO venue that is worth the cost and very interested in feedback or other recs, I will be with my mom and sis. Also looking to try more inexpensive but excellent lunch choices, which would you pick between Mother's, Dooky Chase, and Willie Mae's? Staying at the Hyatt Place Convention center if that helps at all!

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  1. CP and Galatoires matches your first wish. For lunch skip Mother's. Grand Isle is in your neighborhood for seafood. Not exactly classic N.O., but good lunches are American Zone in the WWII museum, Cochon Butcher and even tapas lunch at RioMar. Dooky Chase's would be a good lunch but it, and Willie Mae's, will need a cab.

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      Grand Isle looks perfect! We will be visiting the WWII museum so glad to here the resto is good. Any thoughts on Dante's Kitchen? I was thinking about a dinner there.

    2. One dinner at either Commander’s or Galatoire’s will probably suit your needs. Then go for a hipper, more fun place for a 2nd dinner- Sylvain, SoBou, Domenica, Kingfish to name a few. For lunch, don’t be fooled by the line at Mother’s. Cochon Butcher is a must and Parkway Bakery or Johnny’s for po boys. In your hotel, there’s also a good restaurant- Borgne.

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        Mother's is out! Cochon Butcher looks perfect! Thanks!