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May 15, 2013 03:54 PM


I usually smoke my bacon and then oven roast it to 150 and feel the texture could be a little softer.. more succulent.

When i cold smoke it.. its not a true cold smoke.. but i dont raise the temperature too much.. it comes out after a few hours at 90-100 sometimes a little more.

I then put it in the oven and roast to 150.

anyone have any tips or ideas on how to get my bacon to be a little better?


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  1. anyone got any ideas? thanks

    1. Do you cover the roasting pan? If not, try that. It may result in a more succulent bacon. BTW, I have no experience with the smoking process. It's just that succulent is a synonym for juicy. Also it may be that the smoked bacon will need to be braised.

      Good luck

      1. Aside from smoking, are you curing the bacon at all? A wet cure would be one way to try and keep a bit more moisture in the bacon - recipe here http://adventureswiththepig.wordpress...

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          yes curing it with .025 salt per ounce of bacon. using ruhlmans method


        2. Hard to say without knowing a lot more about your whole bacon process. I'm pretty happy with the bacon I produce. I dry-cure it with some herbs for 7-10 days, then wash it and smoke it to 140-145 F. I hot smoke it, but try to keep the temp down at about 180-200.

          I'm also not too sure on what you mean by 'succulent.' Rich? Maybe you just need to start with a different choice of raw material (pork belly).

          1. I've cured and smoked a variety of products with very good success, but bacon is something I haven't been able to nail down. I can't get my home cured and smoked bacon to taste like - bacon. So I gave up, and have found other uses for succulent pork belly.

            I'm anxious to hear tips here. Good luck in your endeavor.