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May 15, 2013 03:49 PM

Ink, Red Medicine, Providence, n/naka? Or. . .?

I live in San Diego, so this list might be oh-so totally 2012.

Seeking excellent, innovative comestibles in a comfortable (not necessarily informal) setting.

We eat fish, poultry, and love veggies. No beef, pork, or other land mammals. Price is not a consideration.

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  1. Although my last trip had some wonky service glitches, Providence still remains my go-to place for special occasions. I just had my first n/naka experience very recently - it was otherworldly. Chef Niki has created something very special. More specifically to your dietary needs, they both focus primarily on fish and seafood for proteins. Can't go wrong either way. I am dying to go back to n/naka when the seasons change and my piggy bank fills back up again.

    I have been to ink and Red Medicine once each. Both fell short for me, in terms of flavor, service, and atmosphere. A very small part of me wants to give RM another change. I have zero desire to return to ink.

    1. Those are 3 rather disparate choices -- all excellent in their own right.

      Providence is formal seafood, a sort of poor-man's Le Bernardin.

      Red Medicine is a more casual experience (vis-a-vis Providence) offering excellent nouveau-haute French-Vietnamese inspired food, and some of the most interesting in LA. (Just don't flake on reservations)

      n/naka is a kaiseki-style Japanese restaurant, a sort of poor-man's Urasawa, if you will.

      Again, all good, just depends what you want.

      Not a question of which is better, but which will make you happier.

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        Couldn't agree more with what ipsedixit said.

        1. Sounds like n/naka to me.....

          1. Jeremy Fox is a whiz when it comes to veggies, and I think Rustic Canyon might be worth looking into. As he takes over more and more of the menu, it just keeps getting better.