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Has anyone been to Biagio?

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I am thinking of trying it tomorrow night before the gluten-free/vegan person arrives. The third woman and I love Italian food but there is not much for J to eat. Thanks.

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  1. Or have another Italian rec? I got this one from DH's colleague and it is pricier than I expected.

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        No. We could take a bus or subway. I saw L'Unita recommended on this page a few times.

      2. They catered my wedding many years ago. Food was good, but expensive. Last trip to the resto was quite a while ago, and it was fine, but nothing particularly memorable.

        1. Terroni at Yonge and Summerhill.
          Seven Numbers at Danforth and Logan.
          Both fairly casual, not too pricey.

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          1. For pastas: Campagnolo or Enoteca Sociale.
            I went to Biagio many years ago and thought it fine, but not memorable either.

            1. It's old school in terms of furnishings, food and service. Frankly, it's a welcome return to what was simple and expertly prepared food. Every pasta is bang on and Biaggio is a wonderful host. Great place for lunch as well. After you eat, walk over to the SLM and do your shopping! Top notch wine list as well. We need to support these loyal, old school establishments!

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                Although you are using positive terms for the wine list, you are grossly underselling it. One of the finest selections of old Barolos and other interesting Italian wines, relative bargains compared to some other places in town. If you smile nicely, you can get a tour of the cellar downstairs and take a group to the large table down there for some tasting.