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May 15, 2013 03:40 PM

Breakfast downtown?

Are there any can't-miss breakfast or brunch places in downtown Toronto? We're staying near College and Yonge. Thank you!

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  1. Fire on the East Side is very close. I really like their brunches.

    Also, Le Petit Déjeuner on King isn't too far. Delish French toast.

    I also like Hot House's Sunday brunch buffet, but they don't get much love on CH to say the least. I like it though! Live jazz too.

    1. Hoof Cafe. Go on Thursday or Friday. You'll never get in on the weekend and they're closed Monday to Wednesday. No reservations. Worth the aggro.

      1. Not sure about breakfast but we had brunch at Beast a while back and it was really good! Sat in the patio because it was a really nice day. Everything is made in house and they only use the freshest ingredients. Hoof Cafe may be another consideration for Brunch or breakfast as well.

        -- Skinnychopsticks from