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Skip the appaziters and just serve cocktails?

So I have about half a dozen friends coming over next week on a Saturday morning for a drink. Why? because there is a city event right outside my door.

Since most people eat breakfast before they go out, should I bother with appetizers that no one might eat before we head out?

If so any ideas? I have a feeling they might not touch anything.

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  1. I might do something simple like putting out fresh fruit (w/fruit dip?), cheese and crackers. This way you aren't out much expense or effort.

    1. Honestly, I'd check with your friends. While I have started the morning with a slug of something, it goes a lot better if there's something available. You can make bacon sliders or something to help absorb the alcohol.

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        Agreed. Shoot them an email. Depending in the response you do lox and bagels, fruit salad, maybe a quiche.

        If everyone says they are covered you put out some small nibbles of things you like and will keep-bowl of fruits, mini quiches as leftovers could be frozen, mini bagels and cream cheese..

      2. You haven't said what time of morning. 0600, I would skip the drinks and serve waffles. 1030, I would go with fruit dip and bloody marys.

        1. I would have a basket with a few biscuits or croissants, thick ham slices, cheese, and a fruit platter. Maybe yogurt too.
          Nothing fancy, minimal prep, but nice finger foods to accompany morning drinks.

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            Thanks everyone, I was just stuck on what to do. They will be here around 10am, out the door an hour later. So yea, what to serve that wont go to waste.

            2 of them are vegetarians on top of that so I guess prosciutto wrapped melon is out.

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              If I need to be at a 10am event, I usually don't have time for more than coffee before I'm out the door. As a guest, I'd appreciate some sort of protein... cheese cubes or sliced meats, and some fruit (depending upon the cocktails) Croissants/rolls/biscuits are on my no-go list if I'm out in public.
              How thoughtful of you, kjonyou, to consider providing some sustenance for your guests. Morning cocktails rather call out for a bite to eat :)

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              i wouldn't categorize yogurt, ham slices, and most fruit platters as finger food.
              for items like that i would have plates and utensils and napkins available.

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                Good point, westsidegal. I was just throwing out some ideas that I would enjoy but perhaps should've put some more thought into my response. Regardless, I'm sure kjonyou found a great accompaniment to her cocktails.

            3. When we've got similar plans I make cocktails & cheese straws.

              When I make Bloody Mary's for instance, I'll stick a few stalks of celery & carrot in the glass for some freshness but I'll place a small platter of thin sliced breakfast rolls with cheese & tomato out as well.

              1. Crackers, cheese, dip, nuts, stuff like that which will keep and you can finish off at your leisure. Nothing like "appetizers."

                1. I love having the first tee time, grabbing a breakfast taco on the way to the course, and pulling out a flask of Lagavulin on about the second fairway. But then you'd need to figure out how to squeeze in golf...

                  Seriously, I'd do something you could save and eat later if they didn't eat it, like a frittata.

                  1. Anytime I am serving drinks I try to have some food available. For an event early in the day it may be nothing more than some scones and fruit.

                    1. I would do nuts, something crispy like cheese straws or nice crackers and a small plate of meats and cheeses.

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                        Rather than a "fruit salad", skewer the fruit, avoiding utensils along with assorted nuts and cheeses. Simple. A large pan of a quiche-like dish cut into 2-bite squares is easily served at room temp.

                        Giada has some nice and simple fruit puree' recipes where you just add some prosecco or sparkling water.

                      2. without a doubt serve something with the alcohol.

                        1. Toasted bagels or have a toaster, cream cheese, lox, jam. Coffee would be good too.

                          1. Morning cocktails? right up my alley! lol.

                            Maybe a breakfast/brunch pizza with eggs and veggies on it?