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May 15, 2013 01:58 PM

Skip the appaziters and just serve cocktails?

So I have about half a dozen friends coming over next week on a Saturday morning for a drink. Why? because there is a city event right outside my door.

Since most people eat breakfast before they go out, should I bother with appetizers that no one might eat before we head out?

If so any ideas? I have a feeling they might not touch anything.

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  1. I might do something simple like putting out fresh fruit (w/fruit dip?), cheese and crackers. This way you aren't out much expense or effort.

    1. Honestly, I'd check with your friends. While I have started the morning with a slug of something, it goes a lot better if there's something available. You can make bacon sliders or something to help absorb the alcohol.

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      1. re: wattacetti

        Agreed. Shoot them an email. Depending in the response you do lox and bagels, fruit salad, maybe a quiche.

        If everyone says they are covered you put out some small nibbles of things you like and will keep-bowl of fruits, mini quiches as leftovers could be frozen, mini bagels and cream cheese..

      2. You haven't said what time of morning. 0600, I would skip the drinks and serve waffles. 1030, I would go with fruit dip and bloody marys.

        1. I would have a basket with a few biscuits or croissants, thick ham slices, cheese, and a fruit platter. Maybe yogurt too.
          Nothing fancy, minimal prep, but nice finger foods to accompany morning drinks.

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          1. re: OhioHound

            Thanks everyone, I was just stuck on what to do. They will be here around 10am, out the door an hour later. So yea, what to serve that wont go to waste.

            2 of them are vegetarians on top of that so I guess prosciutto wrapped melon is out.

            1. re: kjonyou

              If I need to be at a 10am event, I usually don't have time for more than coffee before I'm out the door. As a guest, I'd appreciate some sort of protein... cheese cubes or sliced meats, and some fruit (depending upon the cocktails) Croissants/rolls/biscuits are on my no-go list if I'm out in public.
              How thoughtful of you, kjonyou, to consider providing some sustenance for your guests. Morning cocktails rather call out for a bite to eat :)

            2. re: OhioHound

              i wouldn't categorize yogurt, ham slices, and most fruit platters as finger food.
              for items like that i would have plates and utensils and napkins available.

              1. re: westsidegal

                Good point, westsidegal. I was just throwing out some ideas that I would enjoy but perhaps should've put some more thought into my response. Regardless, I'm sure kjonyou found a great accompaniment to her cocktails.

            3. When we've got similar plans I make cocktails & cheese straws.

              When I make Bloody Mary's for instance, I'll stick a few stalks of celery & carrot in the glass for some freshness but I'll place a small platter of thin sliced breakfast rolls with cheese & tomato out as well.