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May 15, 2013 11:49 AM

Bought unsweetened carob chips. Now what?

I didn't realize they were unsweetened until after I purchased them--yes, this was a dumb move--and the Internets is no help with what to do with them.


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  1. Might be tasty in a banana nut bread. Or any baked good that is sweet.


    1. I would melt with some oil, add sugar, spread to cool and break back into chips. You'll find some tips to working with carob here:

      1. Assuming you bought the Sunspire brand, I personally think they have a natural sweetness even without sugar. They make a great addition to granola and trail mix, and the flavor works particularly well in recipes that are already sweetened with honey or brown sugar.

        If they're really not sweet enough for your taste, follow Science Chick's wise advice - melt, combine with sweetener, let harden, and break into chips.

        1. I think they taste like rye... personally I am going to keep them and when I want chocolate then I have some.. and usually it grosses me out and then I don't want chocolate again.

          1. You can use the same techniques you would use with unsweetened chocolate chips - just melt and add sugar and butter, or a butter substitute if you don't do dairy.